Quebec Mosque Shooting


Just this…


Too early to know anything yet, but this is all Trump’s fault.


Yep. Liberal logic:

  • “How dare you insinuate this muslim attacker represents Islam? Just because someone commits violence doesn’t mean it reflects on the message of the religion of peace. Your connection is unfounded.”

  • “Yep, if the shooter was a right wing white male it’s the right wing hate machine. Trump literally pulled the trigger.”


Who is this little cuck? Not sure what’s going on but this is bad so…Trump.


Never heard of this guy until this.

Twitter profile says he is a journalism student. Looks like that fine education is teaching him how to be a biased little douche before he even graduates. He must have a verified account because he submits to Islam. Look at the worm writing in his pic.


Got him…


Obama was responsible for Dylan Roof.


Liberals bitch and moan about “fake news” and yet they are always the first to promote crap like this. A shooting at a mosque in another country is blamed on Trump by an American liberal, the same people who never said a word about limitless drone strikes and unconstitutional Executive Orders.


No mention of the shooter’s name or description anywhere. Likely a Muslim.


But if the shooter is a Muslim, he’s not a real Muslim and Islam is a religion of peace.

That’s how that works, right?


Pretty sure Trump is President of the United States, not Canada. Will confirm.


Religion of peace strikes again.


If it is…Trudeau is done in politics. This is hours after he said he would take in all the refugees he could fit into the country.


The boy king faces the guillotine, eh?


And Trudeau wants more Muslims , it appears the citizens think differently . So Canadians are so loving and peaceful as they claim . Tighten up that gun control there is nothing to worry about . :laughing:


The terror suspects were identified as Mohamed Khadir and Alexandre Bissonnette , Moroccan terrorist . One of two gunmen who shouted ‘Allahu akbar!’ as they opened fired . How many more fanatics does Canada want ? :astonished:


I guess this puts a hole in the islamphobic shooting story


There is always another card liberals can whip out in a flash ! :laughing: Hell this could be reason number 15,578 on why Hillary lost . :laughing:


I smell :poop:

Now only 1 shooter and Muhammad is just a witness???

The journalists, reporters and investigators of us on here must keep tabs on Mo to see where he goes. I suspect he will disappear quickly.

Alexandre Bissonnette charged. Mo let go. This is a false flag.


Out of curiosity I went to the Fox News website to see the reporting on the Quebec mosque attack.

They give the name of the accused, his age and the fact he was a student. The third and longest paragraph gives the name and nationality of the Moroccan who was detained, questioned, and released stating that the police said he was a witness. There is no mention of any of the political tendencies or social media postings of the suspect even though it is several hours after this information was widely available. I post this as an example of the alternative factual universe that is out there. A concerted effort to penetrate the bubble is needed.