Racist Black Business Charges Whites Triple What Minorities Pay


The owner of Saartj, a food stall in New Orleans, decided to charge white people two-and-a-half times the amount he charged minorities.

Tunde Way explained to NPR that the price difference accurately reflected the income disparity between African-Americans and whites in the city.

Moreover, when people come up to his stall, Way engages them in conversation and explains why the requested price is $12 for minorities and $30 for those who identify as white.

The price for white people isn’t compulsory. Way explains that if they choose to pay it, he will redistribute the difference among the minorities who come to his stall.

“Some of them are enthusiastic, some of them are bamboozled a bit by it. But the majority of white folks, nearly 80 percent, decided to pay,” he told NPR.

Time to start overcharging blacks and other minorities or denying them service altogether. Or maybe it’s time for a good old fashioned physical protest and a lawsuit against this racist business.



Charging whitey more for food is OK. Choosing not to bake a faggot cake is not OK? Wow. Seems very legit.


Thought you guys believe in freedom, FREEDOM!!! Can’t this business do what ever it wants???


Neither is ok, but you think that one of them is. :wink:


Yep. All restaurants and businesses should have a white section and a colored section or be able to refuse service for any reason. But that standard needs to be equal. It’s not.


We aren’t going to go backwards. Pull a business license if a business is discriminating, period.


This is illegal. Making the charge compulsory and not voluntary or requested, the owner is breaking the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


Not to mention the provisions of decency. I only wish you guys were there with right and wrong when a business is violating civil liberties in ways that you support.


Please stop lumping everyone who doesn’t share your exact beliefs into the same group.


Yep, that’s the American way. Rather than pull this guys license and slap a fine on his bigoted ass, let’s punish all black people for his crime.


Well if dicks can do it…


Is Dicks charging white people more for guns.


No they set a precedent.


Yeah, that children shouldn’t play with guns.


Those children do every damn day and get paid for it after the government hires them.


Discrimination no matter in what FORM is still DISCRIMINATION. and is WRONG!!!


Yeah, and shouldn’t…


It’s not discrimination. Are 13 year olds being discriminated against because they can’t get a drivers license? Is a 20 year old being discriminated against because they can’t buy a beer. Is Trump discriminating because he supports the notion that no one under 21 should be sold a gun?


Did you have the balls to sign your life away? If not then STFU! If you did then you are entitled to that opinion.


Are you asking me if I was a member of the armed services? If so yes, I was in the US Army during the Carter administration. But, even if I hadn’t, I fail to see why I couldn’t have an opinion on the acceptable age of military service, shrug.