Racist Black Business Charges Whites Triple What Minorities Pay


Because I hate anyone who has no clue giving an opinion on things they were not willing to do themselves.


Then how do you square Trump being the CIC when he sought deferments for college and bad feet?


Was WJC just as WRONG ??? At least President Trump doesn’t look down upon the military.


But to what Tek said, Trump has no clue and yet he’s CIC.


He is listening. He surrounds himself with military. But I honestly feel that military service needs to be a requirement for CIC and VP. It was him or Hillary, for me a no brainer.,


Well they weren’t the only two running but I’m ok with a president not having military service and not using our military to secure natural resources around the world. It is past time to take care of what ails America right here.


Neither of them are draft dodgers, but they both avoided the draft through legal, albeit chicken shit means. Why can’t people call it out instead of being so damn partisan.


What a fucking joke. “Re-distribution of wealth” is it? Have a look at how the feds re-distribute white folk’s wealth.

The cost of Black America
If you are a white American, over the course of your lifetime the federal government will, on average and on your behalf, transfer $384,109 of your wealth and income to a single black individual.

Over the course of an average 79-year lifespan, a white individual contributes a net $220,805 to the system, whereas over the course of an average 75-year lifespan, a black individual receives a net $751,200. However, since there are 4.6 times more whites than blacks in the USA, the black share has to be divided among the various contributors to sort out a one-to-one comparison.

So, the net cost to the average White American of the average Black American is $384,109. Married? That’s $768,218. Got 2 kids? That’s $1,536,436. 4 kids? Now we’re talking $2,304,654 lifetime

Diversity is expensive. Now you understand why you won’t have much of an inheritance to leave to your children. Do you really think it’s worth it? And then, those natural conservatives to the south, the Hispanics, will surely improve the situation, right? After all, immigration helps the economy! Well, not so much

Hispanic: +7,298
In fact, because there are more Hispanics in the USA than Blacks, Hispanics are already a bigger cumulative net drain on the economy, $411,950,000,000 to $389,710,000,000. Needless to say, the ongoing demographic change from a predominantly white society to a less productive, less white one can be expected to have even more serious negative effects on the long-term economic prospects of the United States that it already has.

To quote the original author: “The negative fiscal impact of blacks and hispanics is significant. All of this discussion of a “national debt” and “deficit” is primarily of function of blacks and hispanics. Without them, we would be running budget surpluses today, even when keeping the military the same size.”

Source: crushlimbraw.blogspot.ca/2017/06/the-cost-of-black-america-vox-day.html


Watch as they’re shut down for health code violations in 24 months.


NPR originally covered this. NPR should know well that this is a blatant violation of the same “civil rights” act the leftusts rammed in on the backs of blacks in the 1960s. The difference is that this is “separate but unequal” which doesnt even hold up to Jim Crow standards. How disingenuous. It shows there is a double standard and that these laws only apply to whites. And yes the owner of this establishment is probably vigorously applying his secret sauce with his unwashed hands.


Damn, would have been better had our ancestors not exploited them and brought them over here as slaves to build their wealth on to begin with then…huh!


Where’s the double standard???


Could the cake maker do whatever they wanted in Colorado???


Maybe your corrupt ancestors did that despicable thing however most of us are more recent arrivals.


Some of us have a more ancient ancestry.


What do you mean where is the double standard? It shows that the Civil Rights Act of 64 only applies to Whites.


This is real life black privilege. Stuff like this completely destroys the myth of white privilege. If a white guy did this, there would be laws left and right being thrown at him. Stories like this and affirmative action goes to show that minorities can get away with anything and have everything handed to them for free.


In South Africa they are not the minority.


Is the freedom to choose going backwards? Is reaffirming private property going backwards? Is business regulating the age of purchase of an item going backwards? That is the most overused liberal statement to justify many social policies that have failed but they can’t force themselves to admit it.


Such as?..