Racist Black Business Charges Whites Triple What Minorities Pay


It didn’t take long for you to FLIP-FLOP AGAIN !!!


It’s called being arbitrary.

Monte/johnny/steve is here out agitate, not contribute.


Blacks in poor areas should be charged more because per capita they get more of the tax money that is given away. This puts money back in the pockets of those who paid.

Poor whites should also pay more because whites get more total welfare than any other race.

So if you are well off you should pay less to offset what you pay in taxes that others receive.


Why in the world would whites want to eat that nasty food in the first place ??


Why would anyone pay more than another person at the same place.

We are growing a nation of idiots.


Because they are democrats impaired with GUILT !!!


No it doesn’t. This guy needs his license pulled.


You don’t believe any of that.


Why not? I do feel that way because I am reactionary, just like this guy. liberals are only reactionary so I will stop being proactive and just act like an animal, like the left.


Ok, well I didn’t realize that…