Raddle.me the SJW, Antifa, Libtard Safe Space


SJWs and libtards have launched their own website based loosely around plebbit: raddle.me. Its boards range from antifa to queer and communism.

You know what to do.

Go there, make accounts, shitpost, trigger lefties, and downvote everything.


How many safe spaces do these people need? They already have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and whatever the hell else is out there.


Its not about how many but how “cool”, just like the need of liberal transplants and [illegal] immigrants moving else where, just to vote for the exact policies that ruin their home countries.

imo, raddle.me looks just like a fusion of 4chan and reddit, format wise.


Looks like hot garbage. I went there earlier and shitpost a bunch. Didn’t take long for the banhammer to come down.


I doubt this will be around for very long.

How to be a moderator…


The name is so perfect. Rattle / Raddle - whatever.


That’s a pretty low bar to be a moderator, especially for a site that is set-up to be a safe space for snowflakes. They won’t be able to control their garbage dump for very long.


All you really need to do to fracture them is monitor and note their philosophy and behavior. Then proceed to give differing viewpoints that are still within the leftie sphere, but clearly contradict the earlier ideals. Start the unrest so that lefties can’t agree with each other. Their authoritarian “agree with everything your superior says” is fractured because of conflicting ideals. And depending on how the conflict and fox-in-the-hen house situation grows, start dispersing redpills amongst the crowd during their period of emotional vulnerability. Use their tactics against them.