Rah Roh.... Now This Could Change The Narrative..!




Yeah, I was pretty sure that they were not responsible for the cradle of civilization. Humans evolved from apes, some at a faster rate than others apparently.


He too could have been Obama’s son …:wink:



LOL when you look at the staff, they are dumbfounded. What a display- too bad they didn’t put bright red patches on their butts.


Unverified at this point. Many scientists are skeptical. Funny though how the racist pigs have grabed hold. :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah well, man scientists have more than a little doubt about the veracity of data use to claim man made climate change but that hasn’t prevented the self interested from finding truth where much doubt exists… Can you show me the outpouring of doubt over this discovery? Man is pretty foolish to think he is smart enough to have figured it all out… we just ain’t as sharp as we think we are…


Racist pigs, how inappropriate.

Nam calling is so unbecoming.


We should all feel so totally offended that we stop talking to him for his most offensive affront and undignified approach to debate… but why would I or any of us give him free airtime to talk his far left ‘independent’ tripe without telling him how delusional he is… :wink:


Flag him!

Maybe he will get the message.


I’m not as thin skinned as he is… he is a child and I pay no attention to such behavior. If he doesn’t want to engage with me directly, thats fine… I will always get the final word… but his comments will never escape a response if it is due…


Let it shine, leave no doubt or room for latter denial.


Kidding aside, those who call out racism over a joke, because the joke involves minorities, are deep down a great deal more racist than the accused. The self styled, humorless ‘do shoulders’ see the worst behavior of minorities and out of fear of their own prejudice pronounce harsh judgement on those who see the humor of the situation. Every culture has its subcultures, and eccentricity is always a source of humor.

After all, only a horrid oaf would laugh at the mistakes of a developmentally disabled person, eh Monte?


Jokes are a window. Even if you disagree.


So is a lack of humor.


Racist jokes aren’t humorous. :wink:


How’s about Texan jokes?..

A Russian, a Mexican, and a Texan are hanging out in a bar. The Russian tosses up a whiskey bottle and says, “We have a lot of these back home.” The Texan tosses up the Mexican and says, “We have a lot of these back home.”



A window into the personality is revealed when a person yells racist