Rand Paul, budget hero


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) served as a reminder this week of what American conservatives should be demanding of the Republican Party when it comes to sanity in the federal budget.

Paul caught hell Friday from Republicans and Democrats alike for simply making the point that the 652-page budget and appropriations agreement hammered out by congressional leaders is crap for anyone interested in seeing the federal government, and it’s massive deficit, shrink.

“Are we to be conservative all the time, or only when we’re in the minority?” Paul asked from the Senate floor as he initiated a brief government shutdown Thursday via a filibuster.

The answer from congressional Republicans of late has, of course, been “only when we’re in the minority.”

Which is kind of funny, considering speeches like this from House Speaker Paul Ryan himself a few short years ago, in Obama’s America.

All Paul wanted was a simple amendment acknowledging the insanity of out of control government spending by preserving previously agreed upon budget caps.

As The Weekly Standard reported:

The bill then went to the House, where lawmakers cast their votes at 5:14 Friday morning. It passed that chamber with a vote of 240-186, ending the brief government spending lapse.

Senator Paul objected to the package’s two year budget proposal which expands the budgetary caps on military and domestic spending set in place by the Budget Control Act of 2011. Paul sought an amendment that would have preserved the budget caps. “I’m asking for one amendment. It takes fifteen minutes,” Paul tweeted.

Arguing that if Paul received a vote on his amendment, everybody would want an amendment, Republican leaders refused. Ultimately, neither side budged. Without Paul’s support for a unanimous consent request (where one Senator can object) to move the vote up to an earlier time, the procedure-restrained chamber had to wait until after midnight, thus shutting down the government, to pass the bill.

Big spending asshole Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) called Paul’s move a “dangerous thing.”

More dangerous than bankrupting the nation forevermore? We’ll see.

And Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) went so far as telling Politico ,“When Rand Paul pulls a stunt like this, it easy to understand why it’s difficult to be Rand Paul’s next door neighbor.”

“The whole delay and filibuster exercise on the budget agreement is utterly pointless.” Dent added.

Maybe it is pointless to advocate for the very kind of conservative reforms Americans sent these people to Washington for in the first place. But, for his efforts, I salute Paul.


Thank you Rand Paul. You think we spend too much, I think we have a revenue problem. But we agree with most economists that when you have 4% unemployment, rising wages and an already overheated economy the last thing you want to do is inject stimulus in the form of tax cuts and spending increases. Perhaps you have never heard of Mr. Keynes, but at this moment you two might even agree: If anything, now is the time to be paying down the national debt, not increasing it.

Perhaps Senator, even as a libertarian committed to market principles, you can see that the stock markets are upset about two things; the end of cheap money, and a government tax give away that is going to exacerbate inflation as bond holders insist on higher and higher yields. Oh the trouble we are staring at.
As you said on the floor of the Senate last night, you are aware of the utter hypocrisy of your GOP colleagues in approving what is essentially an unneeded stimulus that is considerably larger than the needed one that they all opposed when President Obama put it on the table. It does boggle the mind, Senator.

You are a small government type, I think government has to have a greater role. We will probably never agree on this. But I do want to thank you for pointing out the obvious to your colleagues and putting the issue on the front page for a while, where it belongs. Of course, with a Republican in the White House your party will ignore you.


Did you forget the democrats who supported the pork budget???


Yes, thank you Rand Paul for your moment of grandstanding and underscoring the sheer hypocrisy of your party’s fiscal philosophy: rant and wail about debt and deficits while in the minority then party as if it’s the 1920s when in power. Rush Limbaugh has joined the ‘awakening’–he’s no longer worried about the national debt because it just doesn’t touch him. It was only painful when that black man was in the White House, the one from Kenya who spent 8 years cleaning up the last Republican excess. The Tea Party people? They’ve withered and grown silent because . . . whatever.

The only thing I agree with Rand Paul is about our military involvement in Afghanistan. The endless war should end and we need a different approach to Pakistan. Beyond that, Paul is just another hypocrite. If memory serves me right, he did vote for the recent tax deform. So please, Senator Paul, spare us all. Your righteousness is as hollow as your Party’s soul.


The bill would also raise the debt limit so it would not be reached until March 2019, removing any potential debt ceiling confrontations between now and the midterm elections.

What were the dem’s thinking???


And on a final note, neither party has shown an appetite for reforming the major entitlement programs that are the main drivers of the long-term debt. Prospects for any kind of substantial reform to Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security or the ACA look increasingly unlikely to occur this year.


Budgeting and spending are and should be two different things. Trump brought many a building project in under budget and under projected time.

Our Food Stamp program is already four million people fewer than under Obama. We are well on our way to constraining environmental, consumer, foreign aid, IRS, and other programs that are being run with a tight fist.

Unused budgeted funds should be retained and promotions handed to those in these departments who save the American people’s money.

Thrift, what a f-------- concept.


Just imagine if we had term limits, there would be no need to buy votes.


Another little thing in the Pork spending package:
The spending bill signed into law Friday by President Trump includes language that reinstates a tax on each barrel of oil to assist in spill cleanups.

The 9-cents-per-barrel tax applied to domestic and imported barrels before it expired at the end of 2017. But the spending bill extended it for another year, until Dec. 31, 2018, and will take effect again starting March 1.

According to the Congressional Research Service, this tax generated an average annual revenue of $500 million.

As they fine the responsible companies into oblivion, exactly what is done with the cash???


I can only imagine what you guys would be spouting off with if McConnell hadn’t caved to Schumer and his desire to fund things like planned parenthood… Personally I think that the president should have gone to the mat on this one but I’m hoping their is a greater long term strategy in this. Actually, the ONLY part of this bill you don’t like is spending on defense… Of course with you ‘greater role’ theory of government… only an omni present world government will do with the United States relegated to the ash heap of history…


Exactly. But then republicans have never been fiscal conservatives, just another facade. Reagan tripled the ND, Bush 43 doubled it, and certainly the TIC is going to add trillions to it. And yet, lied to and cheated over and over again, Americans continue to send republicans and democrats to Washington.


As @DieHard said though… It ain’t the amount of money spent…It’s where it goes. If the defense segment of this budget had been poured down the social dependency drain, he would have been calling Paul a traitor to the people…

Some people are quite happy with the debt… mountains of debt… endless shackles of unfunded liabilities, as long as it supports the goals of individual suppression… sad, reall sad…


I really don’t believe that Paul was grandstanding, his position has been consistent on this. And my oh my were his comrades pissed off at him, not just for opposing the bill, but for so pointedly calling out the HYPOCRISY of the deceitful right on this. Debt is debt, whether it’s welfare for the defense industry/MIC that republicans have ZERO problem with, or welfare for growing numbers of Americans. BOTH PARTIES ARE DESTROYING AMERICA.

Eight years ago JCOS Admiral Mullen told the truth and NOBODY listened.

Debt is top national security



You are right, he is consistent but you can bet that open borders independent wouldn’t have supported him. As far as his ‘comrades being pissed’… first of all, he only called out 9 members of the senate, the rest, 36, voted with him… I’ve been calling out McCain for a lot of stuff and for a long time. Rand has a very similar attitude to Trump in that he didn’t come to Washington to make friends but to do the bidding of the people who elected him… Kudos.

So, if debt is debt and debt is destroying America (Which I agree with) and entitlements are 50% more than that of defense and 100% of all unfunded liabilities… just how would you solve the problem. Their is most certainly a contingent of hawks who love war and will spend to that end but you cannot throw them in the same pile as those who take the defense of America seriously. We as a nation MUST publicly define what ‘Provide For The Common Defense’ actually means and the scope in which the federal government must operate to meet that commitment.

I would sat that a large contingent of the democratic party drives the ‘hawks’ in the making the world suitable of democracy… some are committed to making the individual a dependent of the state because as @DieHard say, government should play a bigger role… and I would suspect that their is no ending point in that quest.

Then you have the politicians who just want to get elected… they spent the publics money for the express purpose of keeping themselves in a cush job with perks…


Well certainly, that’s the partisans way. And not just any old Republican, but a dilly doing anything but making America great again.


Oh , wait that was Nancy you saw !!!:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
Maybe if Paul had brown skin and brown eyes you would have been proud . :roll_eyes: shrug

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    President Trump decreased the US Debt in his first 100 days by $100 Billion. (President Obama increased the US debt in his first 100 days by more than $560 Billion.)
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    President Trump added 298,000 jobs in his first month alone (after President Obama said jobs were not coming back!).
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    After being nominated by President Trump, Constitutionalist Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed and sworn in as Supreme Court Justice in early April.
    The President has signed 66 executive orders, memoranda and proclamations as of April 19th,


He also went bankrupt on many a project and screwed over subcontractors when he did. He’s got a worse credit score than you do, banks in the USA stopped doing business with him, he had to resort to crooked oligarchs in an enemy country for credit. Steve Bannon says it’s the money laundering that will get him and Mueller has the best financial crimes experts working his case…DONT, point to the TIC when you’re talking about economic success stories.


Every business that declares bankruptcy screws over sub contractors, know anything about business and bankruptcy?

Happens in personal bankruptcy everyday.


How many times was it that Edison said he failed before he managed to invent the light bulb…? Do you actually know his personal credit score?.. probably not. I read an article in Financial Times that talked about how US banks stopped lending to Trump when he got elected because of any appearance of impropriety. I don’t know what I think about Bannon and I scratch my head over his real agenda…