Rand Paul, budget hero


Like Trump said, he prefers heroes that don’t get caught, I prefer businesses that DONT go bankrupt, and four or five times, YOURE a looser and a lousy businessman. It’s amazing that such a looser duped so many into believing that he was a “winner” :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Depends on just how many times you do a deal… four or five time of taking a stab at a business venture might be all one person has to show but they may only make up .5% of someone else’s ventures… do you have any perspective on that?

So… how many people on this list are you willing to write off as losers… Henry Ford…Walt Disney… H.J. Heinz…or perhaps P.T. Barnum…? Hows about Abraham Lincoln?..


And the people outside the cesspool cities preferred Trump over your mistress Hilly.


It’s gonna be real hard for you mentally monte when that wall starts to go up and the pictures start arriving.

Real hard on you mentally. You may look into interviewing a shrink or two beforehand.


He probably already attends… ‘groups’… so many issues…


I wonder if monte has received his first payroll tax reduction yet.


I’m not on a payroll. Nor do I wish for a tax break at the cost of another 1.5 trillion to our national debt. Something the hypocrite in chief use to care about while pandering for your vote. :wink:


Where you bitching when Obama was adding to the debt, 9 trillion?

I still don’t hear you bitching about how the ACA is adding to the debt.



Monte is confidant that government can spend our money more efficiently than we can.

Send it in monte.


But I didn’t say that did I now. I said I resent a Republican tax break that’s paid for by tacking another 1.5 trillion onto a national debt that that hypocrite fake president told us was already unmanageable while he was yet a candidate pandering for your vote. :joy:

Trump doesn’t care about anything he promised. The chants that led at every rally, Hillary Clinton, we were promised would be locked up if we’d only vote for trump, then, no sooner had he secured the presidency that he declared, we don’t care about that anymore, and apparently it will be the real crook, the one that led those rally chants, that will be locked up. :joy::joy::joy:


Well, I would suspect that had people like you who seem to make a living continually knocking him down rather than pressing him to do what he promised enables people like McConnell to go against those very things. While you may not like the two party system that we seem perpetually stuck with, sometimes working in the system, like supporting Rand Paul is all we have at present.

Early days but we will see what the combination of many things he has been trying to do will bear fruit. A lot of moving parts to the economy… and Krugman hasn’t been a paragon of good information in guiding the Keynesian worshiper over the last… well… forever. Of course he is meeting resistance in putting Americans back to work via immigration policy, he is meeting resistance in putting up an actual barrier to the trafficking of opioids on our southern borders, he is meeting resistance on the kinds of programs that would retrain American workers to be productive. Because he didn’t immediately pull out of everywhere you don’t like his foreign policy but you do like all the people around him who are the actual war hawks, ‘restraining him’. I could only imagine the push back he would receive over entitlement reform and indeed real medical care reform because at the end of the day, it would shutter businesses like yours that are parasites on a government distorted health care system.


Were you equally pissed when Obama made the Bush tax cuts permanent in 2013???

He apparently didn’t care about deficits when he signed the tax cuts.

You must have been horrified.


Not so. Obama, just like his predecessor, doubled the national debt. There is NO DIFFERENCE in these two looser parties. Time for something new. The two party system isn’t serving America well and the two parties have done all they can, seemingly with the help of a willing press, to ensure the status quo, quite naturally.


Monte just can’t comprehend the difference between budgeting and spending. Nor can his socialist brain understand selling and buying a job.

Oh well. He’s a well trained seal that can only swim to the left. Awrf, awrf. He obviously prefers a one party centralized Cuban type system versus our two party system that created the most wealthy country in history. Awrf, awrf.


Why are you speaking in third person. And what would you like to say about budgeting, debt and deficits, in light of everything that candidate Trump said about the subject.


Monte, why don’t you explain the type of super system that you propose for our country.

Go ahead, I’m all ears.


Why don’t you answer my questions, instead of ducking. The TIC blasted Obama repeatedly for the growing national debt under his watch, and now he proposes a budget that will add 7 TRILLION to the ND over ten years. There are no fiscal conservatives. It’s time for some competition and a break of the stale two party system.


Johnny just wants to bitch about Trump.

He could care less that the dems are equally as bad as Trump and of course the Bern would spend this country into oblivion given the chance.


True, he is a hypocrite because he voted for both the tax bill and the spending bill, both of which bring more massive debt to the country. But none would be as hypocritical as Trump himself, who bated his supporters vote on the merits of paying down the national debt, and smaller deficits. Those supporters, too embarrassed now choose instead to spin growing debt and deficits as something positive. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


What?.. You don’t like people duplication your modus? Your pretty lean on details when it comes to discussion but then again… you already know that.