Rand Paul, budget hero


I already told monte how the Trump administration will spend less. He just can’t comprehend the nuance having been marinated and nurtured by the leftest educational and media cabal.


The TIC is asking Congress to approve a budget that tacks on another seven TRILLION to an already massive national debt that the hypocrite in chief spent years criticizing. And that’s the point!! There is no difference.


Nice talking point monte. Parrot head.


Nice rebuttal Dollar…


Monte can’t understand the concept of under budget. A budget never spent a penny.


Inpounment of funds is a great way to give the finger to congress.


Dollar doesn’t understand debt and deficits, shrug.



Both the dates of the Tea Parties. I joined up on the second date specifically to battle the Federal largess of the Obama administration. At that time the national debt was south of 10 Trillion dollars.


All of a sudden our resident communist has concern for the national debt.

To rich.

"Having fallen into utter disrepair during the New York City fiscal crisis, unable to make ice, the city’s Parks Department embarked on a total refurbishment of the facility in 1980, estimating it would take two years to complete. After six years and having flushed $13 million down the drain, the city announced they would have to start all over again and it would another two years to complete. Wollman Rink had quite visibly failed. The Wollman Rink fiasco amplified the public perception of the general incompetence of government and their inability to complete even the simplest projects.

Enter the Donald. In late May of 1986, the 39-year-old Trump made an offer to Mayor Ed Koch. Trump would step in and take over the construction and operation of the project for no profit and have it up and running in time for the holiday season. Koch tried mightily and quite sneakily tried to reject Trump’s offer. A very public Trump-Koch feud ensued; Donald ultimately prevailed taking on the responsibility to finish the rink in less than six months for no more than $3 million. The city politicos could only hope that when Donald failed it would divert attention from their own incompetence.

Instead of failing, Trump finished the job in just four months at a final cost 25% below the budget. It wasn’t rocket science according to Trump. It was common sense and “management.” But the incident also demonstrated Trump’s mastery and command of public relations and how to attract massive amounts of free press."


Someone should tell him a budget is just a reference point and spending is done with appropriation bills by CONGRESS.


Do we really have a revenue problem when record taxes are being received by our government???


The gutting of a few departments and the reigning in of a few more will get us right on our way. The Freedom caucus has been much maligned by the press but this is where they will have their greatest impact.

Let’s rebuild this country from the bottom up the right way. MAGA


The presidents budget likely won’t see the light of day. The point is…the TIC delivered a proposal that would add 7 TRILLION to the ND. After campaigning the opposite and promising to eliminate the ND. Candidate Trump also proudly and regularly proclaimed how easily he could balance the budget.


It is of course your expert consideration that their isn’t 7 trillion worth of waste to be recovered over the next t0 years…


No need for a budget the idiots have already funded government for the next year and lifted the debt ceiling.

Or did you forget that little part.


The fat TIC PROMISSED to eliminate, ELIMINATE our national debt. Just another fraud in a long list thereof.


And the fat monte can’t seem to get over it.


The fat TIC made such promises but is failing bitterly. Remember when he pandered for your vote by promising you that he would ELIMINATE the national debt??? Another damn lying fraud who is doing the exact opposite. He’s expanding it. :joy::joy::joy:


And the fat monte can’t seem to get over it.

When will you get over your hate???


Wait wait, you just said that??? Running a country has clearly proven to be something beyond the fat TIC’s pay grade. He promised to eliminate our national debt, but as president he’s doing the opposite, he’s now expanding it. Fraudster that duped the American voter.


What he said:

"We’ve got to get rid of the $19 trillion in debt. … Well, I would say over a period of eight years. And I’ll tell you why.”

A bit different from your usual blather.