Rant: I have a deep down hatred for all telecoms!


Let me be CLEAR! I have a deep down hatred for all telecoms!

I fired Centurylink a few months back because I got the Verizon unlimited. Well Verizon changed the plan and screwed me over there… The plan I signed up for de-prioritized me if local network demand was high and I had hit my 4G hotspot limit and it knocked me back to 3G, only if there was local congestion. I never got knocked back to 3G because I live out near nowhere!

Still Verizon changed the plan, sure they gave me more 4G data but then they knock me back to 600Kbits on the hotspot.

Well I was not having that! I rehired Centurylink and now they can only offer me (and anyone in my area) 1.5 Mbps, even though a had 3 a few months ago. Crap network… Hey I will take it because I have a kid in college and she needs something better than 600K…

Centurylink was hooked up yesterday and it has now been down for over an hour! Less than 24 hours! Already down! Crap network!

Our society has evolved to the point where you need the stupid internet! Many places demand an email address! Cell number… If you have a kid in school, any age you know… If you work in IT you know! If you do anything you pretty much KNOW!
End rant before I get nasty.


Breathe… Breathe… in… and … ouuttttt… In… and … ouutt.

Another good reason to have a 2G phone… My texts are lightning fast :grin:


My texts are fine and my phone is always 4G totally unlimited but the hotspot is limited after 22G per line down to 600Kbps. And now this crap?


22G !!… hell man, we’ve only made it to 4G here with a slow roll out of 5G…


Gbits 22Gbits of 4G for sharing on the hotspot.

Sorry GBytes of data per line.


You have just got to love telecom in general.

At one time Telecom was heavily regulated. Had a problem, call the PUC and presto it was fixed. Today, call the PUC and wait for 6 weeks.

We had Qwest the most horrible telecom in the world until it was sold to Century Link. Century Link with their overseas call centers where few understand English.

To many problems with Century link as we are space limited here.

Today I have Comcast. Fortunately it doesn’t;t break so there is little need for interface until your contract runs out. The special pricing good for 1-2 years is great, their normal pricing sucks with a big S.

I digress. Cell service. And we pay for poor customer service, calls being disconnected, calls fading out and we love it.

As a side note, I had Century Links HIGH (Snicker, Snicker) Speed Internet. 40MBPS. IN reality it was 27MBPS. It periodically (every night from 9-11PM and 8-11AM) would drop to 1.0MBPS with a backside of 100K.

I would speed test it send it to Century Link and get a note back a few days later, Your internet speed tests to industry norms, please check your equipment. After 10 times, I changes service.

I wish you well with Century Link, you’ll need it.

p.s. From a former telecom engineer.