Rassmussen Poll... Democrats Shut Down Gov. Over Amnesty At Your Peril



Pass the tax bill, do what is needed to keep the gov’t open, and make sure the public sees the machinations of the leisure service of La Raza-the Democrats.


Can’t make this stuff up: Democrats helped kill expanded Child Tax Credit because it would not have gone to illegal aliens.


When push comes to shove people want to be sure that they are taken care of first. Spending so much time worrying about the fate of illegals, who don’t have a right to be here, over working to bring up wages and get the job market moving just won’t sit well with most people.


But of course you aren’t a globalist are you?.. if you were, you would care about those illegals… and their families back home… and their friends… and the friends of their friends…


Democrats win elections with illegals, the dead and the braindead ! :wink:


And yet… most people give the TIC the lowest job approval score of any president in history, lol.


The constant barge of BS from the left has assured that. Many polls when dissected show a preponderance of left leaning supporters… and the media makes sure you never hear of the successes…


And all people have to do is watch the TIC’s daily moronic Twitter feeds to come to this conclusion. On Twitter he picks fights with average Americans, with football players, with his own AG, SOS and senate leader, he name calls members of his own party and trashes his own justice department and his FBI. (That’s just the abbreviated list) Like Tillerson said, he’s a fucking moron.


Yes you can. Nobody liked Rubio’s bill, shrug.

But the vast majority of both caucuses wound up rejecting the proposal.


Its December, cited August article. Illiterate bernie bot, at least use some of that shill money to attend a reading class.


Sounds like a SJW, snicker.