Raw Honesty About Race


Black people kill more whites than whites kill blacks
Black people kill more Asians than Asians kill blacks.
Black people kill more Mexicans than Mexicns kill blacks

Now liberals, black people simply do not have any excuse to behave that way. Slavery which you caused is not a right to kill. And when Shit Stain came out and said black youth should be cut some extra slack in schools that was crap.



Numbers don’t lie and statistics aren’t racist…it is what it is…


The numbers can be correct but the labels can be deceiving. I’d say ANY inner city youths from an impoverished demographic will be more likely to use gun violence than say an appalachian impoverished youth. regardless of color. Reverse the roles in history and let’s say Africans developed over-seas commerce before the Anglos, ad let’s imagine that whites from all over Ireland were enslaved by this hypothetical black race. You would have generations of whites with stunted social development, stunted education, stunted industrial development and stunted moral compasses. (I reference the movie “Gangs of new York” a film that aptly portrays the environs of NYC during the major immigration waves of Ireland during their famine. I guarantee you that that there was more white on white violence during that period in NYC than black on black violence.

Bottom line, when you seek to apply labels on an entire race without taking into consideration nothing else but the present day conditions you fail to see the bigger cause of such conditions. It could have happened many many different ways. Murderers, assholes and evil-doers exist in all colors gentlemen. They always have an always will. Ignorance is what creates and perpetuates the divide. We are all on the same ship.


Blacks have the numbers against them but who is ultimately responsible for their condition and for creating the environment that causes large numbers of homicides to take place.

For many years after the Civil war ended ,the thinking in the Federal government was to regard Blacks as obsolete and bothersome remnants of a past era. Not too different than how they viewed the native Americans.
The idea prevalent at the time was to leave Blacks and Indians to their own devices and they would self destruct. This was the thinking from reconstruction down to the early FDR era…

That didn’t happen with Blacks thanks to the jewish backed organizations such as the NAACP and other civil rights organizations.

And so you now have a large population of biological anomalies being nourished by artificial means to thrive and survive as would weeds in a garden. The weeds sooner or later rob the nourishment from the other cultivations.
The killing of Blacks by Blacks is a sign that nature is struggling to right itself and to bring a sense of balance in her tapestry of life. So don’t be surprised by what’s taking place.


Whites WERE thefirst slaves in AMERICA.Ireland and England


It seems that there is an excuse for everything but it still doesn’t change the fact that …it still is what it is…


Yes there is a history of abuse of Black people stretching back to the nation’s beginnings. Yet in even the worst periods after slavery, the Black family unit was intact- men raised their children.

When LBJ signed the “Great Society” Act, it was the start of the destruction of the Black nuclear family, and of the ethical framework of Black society. Yes, Blacks had finally gained equal treatment under the law, and Democrats by craft, or patronizing stupidity, ensured that the most dysfunctional behavior possible would be incentivized going forward.

Every serious Black leader/intellectual can tell you that the biggest hurdle, the greatest danger, is not legions of racist police, or ‘structural/institutionalized racism’ - it is a lack of fatherhood, a lack of Black male role models of excellence at something besides sports.

Those of us on the outside can wring our hands, and virtue signal, and castigate conservatives, and enact ‘informative action’ laws tie’ we’re blue in the face- it will do NOTHING but make the problems worse.

As a nation we have thrown trillions at the problem, and all the metrics are worse now. This is a surprise only to SJW’s and social engineers of the White Bwaana class. We build new schools- they are trashed; we pay more for teachers (‘combat pay’) and get ever more failure; we give them free breakfast and lunch- and they throw out most of it.

Black people are not the happy go lucky moronic stereotypes of SJW’s imagination; they struggle to work with what they have, and a lot are moving Republican because JOBS are opening for Black people.


Well liberal court appointed lawyer think different ………
Black-rage insanity defense is a legal strategy which exhibits environmental hardships to explain why a person commits a crime. It is a form of insanity defense taken by the African American defendants charged with violent crime against white persons. ( notice this is NOT considered a HATE crime ) By taking such defense the African American defendant tries to absolve or mitigate their conduct on the basis of the years of oppression and racist hostility persisted at the hands of white Americans. This defense was first used in the mid 1990’s. an “expert” testifies that black men, and black men only, could not control their violent urges due to the effects of racism.


Hold up! Democrats are getting blacks to attack republicans for slavery? Lol

Actual evidence of low iq lol


Have you looked at divorce rates amongst whites in America. There’s nothing to brag about.


You are all approaching this from a wrong (and stupid) angle.

You need to talk about the claim of the “blank slate” existing, for people whom do not know about it, the term blank slate basically means that all human beings are born the same way, they are just affected by their environment, people like Steven Pinker refute this, and many twin studies also refute this, twins that got seperated at birth, still end up being basically the same, this proves that genetics play a huge role.

Why is the blank slate relevant to race? It is because that once you accept that genetics play a key role in behaviour, traits and intelligence, you automatically end up accepting that races and ethnicities also exist.

The argument of “Africans lived terribly so they are in a bad spot even today and their growth got stunted” is pathetic and stupid, because while it is true that Africans’ growth got “stunted” this doesn’t mean that their potential died/fell off, the genetics of an African living in, lets say Cameroon, 200 years ago, is still very similiar to a cameroonian’s genetics today.

We have research from NCBI stating that an adult’s heritability of intelligence can go up to 80%. Despite the fact that environment does play a role in a person’s development, genetics is just as, if not more, important, the best part is that there are various studies showing and proving the existence of race, one example would be comparing the SAT scores of whites and blacks http://www.jbhe.com/latest/news/1-22-09/satracialgapfigure.gif


Who’s bragging? The divorce rate is high, and that’s bad - it reflects poor choices in marriage decisions.

What you try to obscure is that wedlock itself is far rarer in the Black community than in the White, so naturally there will be a far higher percentage of White divorces. One can make the case that Black couples who marry are more serious people, and thought a great deal about their choice and commitment.

From the CDC’s report on the matter: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr66/nvsr66_01.pdf#page=46

“The percentage of all births to unmarried women was 40.3%
in 2015, similar to the 2014 percentage of 40.2% in 2014, the
lowest levels since 2007. The percentage of all births to unmarried
women peaked in 2009 at 41.0%. In 2015, the percentage of
nonmarital births varied widely among population groups, from
16.4% for API mothers to _****70.6% for non-Hispanic black mothers**” (emphasis mine)
(Table 15)."


The problem with your post is you are generalizing and giving us the alt right crap we usually hear when it comes to race and most of it is bull shit.

Its like when the anti gun idiots talk about gun deaths and homicides…

How about we set the record straight.

80% of gun deaths are homicides and its done by CRIMINALS, you know gang bangers with illegal fire arms.

I dont know the exact number but most of the black deaths are by the hands of black men
Blacks killing white is usually either gang related or crime as in Car jacking and robberies.

50% of the prison population is black coming crimes and a lot of it violent.

So when you characterize black youth as the problem, tell the truth, its a gang problem, that is the problem plaguing the Black community, Hispanic community and combine with illegal immigrants and extremist from Islam you have a major problem

The problem is being exacerbated by Stupid Liberal policies .

Crime plagues all races bud, how many Italians are in the Mafia ( la cosa nostra)
How many Russians in America are in the Russian mob
How many Chinese in America are in the Triad
how many Japanese in America are in the Yakusa

What is so bizarre is Italian criminals in the Mafia make for great TV like the Sopranos and classic movies like Goodfellows, Casino etc and black gangs are vilified

what a double standard.

How is that for honesty about race.


Lol if we don’t identify the problem ( black violence in towns run by Democrats) we will never fix the problem.


What u say is true BUT,… the numbers and stats are still what they are weather it be black, white, Asian or Samoan gang members. Blacks lead…nobody put them there. They put themselves there…


Im not making excuses , Im just relaying facts

the truth be told if you add up the numbers Toirtap79, blacks that commit crimes, most are gangbangers the numbers are 5% of the black population, the problem is they get a lot of media attention.

The average black living in inner cities arent criminals, they are too poor , some stupid and I hate to say some are uneducated working minimum wage jobs, most are not committing crimes, they are sheeples following the Democrat party and its idiotic groups like BLM and NAACP…

I have a buddy who is an Italian who owns a pizza shop, he is as honest as the day is long, but many people think he is in the mob or connected, he isnt or has any history with the mob, but it doesn’t stop people from assuming.

I know there is a major problem in the black community and it starts with them, hence why they have all these idiot leaders telling them that they are victims.

Until they face facts that the Democrat party has a hand in keeping them down, there is nothing anyone can do, Not even Donald J.Trump can help them, until they learn how to help themselves.

Why is it that no leftist, liberal, socialists wants to talk about the blacks who made it out of the ghettos and became middle class or rich by honest hard work, entrepreneurship and following conservative principles.

How come BLM matter doesnt recognize someone like Ben Carson a retired world class neurosurgeon , oh yes he is a republican.

They were okay with Colin Powell until he became Secretary of State for Bush, the first black person to be secretary of State, along with being a 4 star general, and chairman of the joint chiefs a first for a black man

Is he honored or even respected in the black community? no… If Powell was secretary of state under Obama and was a democrat, the BLM , NAACP, B.E.T. and every other black group would have demanded Congress erect statues, have schools named after him, made his birthday a national holiday and demanded Hollywood to a movie about his life, but since he is a republican he is a sell out and a piece of shit to the blacks.

And you wonder why racism exists? look in the mirror BLM folks.


More irish Immigrants died as conscripts in the American Civil War for the Union Army than did African slaves…
The slaves were valuable property and death was never preferred over punishment. Irish men were sent as cannon fodder for the frontlines as soon as they got off the boat. THOUSANDS sent to certain death. A lot of them were not even given bullets / musket balls. They were expected to charge with bayonets only in a lot of cases.

The Country has a dark past but we overcame that shit. You sure as hell don’t see any irish Lives matter raising hell all over the place. (except belfast were it belongs)



The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves - Global Research


The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves. The Slaves That Time Forgot . By John Martin.


They say they werent slaves but prisionors