Listen to me and hear what you see
'cause I’m not anything more or less
I’m exactly what I appear to be
And I cannot change this mess

Run from yourself and where do you go
No matter if you run fast or you try to go slow
There ain’t no way for you to get out
That’s what my friend your life is all about

You are yourself…and only you
Can make it go the way you want it to
Which way to go is always your choice
Sometimes it comes natural…sometimes you hear a voice

Voices are speaking all the time
Some tell the truth…some throw you a line
You never know until you see
But what comes out is always reality

Reality is here with you all the time
Everything is real when it’s in your mind
So pick out the things that you want for yourself
…and leave all the rest of them for somebody else

Leave all the rest of them for somebody else

© 1980