Refugees Welcome: German Woman Raped By Migrant Who Calls Her A Prostitute In Court



Asylum seeker accused of raping a German woman in front of her boyfriend in terrifying knife-point attack calls her a ‘prostitute’ in furious courtroom outburst

Woman, 23, raped at Siegaue Nature Reserve campsite, near Bonn in Germany

The alleged rapist had a tree saw and threatened her partner, 26, with violence

Eric X, 32, from Ghana, today called his alleged victim ‘a prostitute’ in court

A Ghanaian asylum seeker accused of raping a German woman while forcing her boyfriend to watch called his victim ‘a prostitute’ in court.

The man - only identified as Eric X - is accused of raping a 23-year-old woman after spotting the couple camping in a nature reserve near Bonn, west Germany in April.

Appearing in a Bonn district court today, Eric X, 32, defied his lawyers’ advice to stay silent and after insulting his alleged victim, he added that anyone who believed her were ‘filthy’.


It was probably part of his religion.


Of course it was. In their religion any woman that does not have her head covered is a prostitute. Islam also lets them do anything they want to non-believers. It’s not considered a crime according to the cult of sharia.


The police really screwed up this case too. Poor girl. her boyfriend called in while the rape was happening and the cops blew him off as joking.


Cops probly made that joke nervously. They dont want to move in and arrest the peaceful refugee now, do they?


That’s right. Mother Merkel has told them that her precious refugees can do no wrong. How can a machete wielding rapefugee possibly pose harm to anyone? It’s just not possible!

In all seriousness though, I feel bad for this girl. She had a boyfriend who stood and watched, police who failed to act, and then gets the most terrible things said about her in the courtroom.

Germany is finished.


What a boyfriend…:roll_eyes:


I believe the correct term is “cuck”

I can’t think of a more appropriate use of the word.