#ReleaseTheMemo: House Intel votes to release controversial surveillance memo to the public


Monte, your world is about to end.


Not my world. I’m not in Washington, I’m a spectator as you.


Repeat after me,

DACA Russia DACA Russia DACA Russia,


Ah, the Russia probe. Yes.


Just another leftest trained seal,

Awrf, awrf,


Three posts now that say nothing. Come on Dollar


Do you realize how many exchanges that come to you in this very way… when are you going to realize that the problem with communication skills is perhaps yours…


Looks like there’s cracks in the memo!! I guess you don’t want to look at Republican opposition to it, shrug


Hey… I don’t mind at all… but I don’t see any big outcry to #ReleaseTheOtherMemo. Oh, yeah ANTFA and BLM are gearing up to disrupt the superbowl… priorities…

I think dems already know that it would be nothing but a smoke screen used to hide the facts behind… but hey… the more FACTS the better…


It would seem more like Trumps Republican picks to run the DOJ, FBI and DNI are the ones in FPM.


Ryan has now urged caution with the memo and Thune has as well, and he added that the democrats memo should be released too.


That Mueller is getting too close for comfort. That cool cucumber and his team of experts however just soldier on, doing the job that they were commissioned to do, without leaks or even talking to the press.



So what if it is?.. that doesn’t mean that Mueller is any closer to finding anything or knowing anything than before he was appointed. Of course republicans want this charade to come to an end… and if due process was not followed to create the special counsel, I would suspect that you would want it ended too… No? Or do you prefer a country where someone can see you investigated and have your life turned upside down based on a phone call to the press?


Well sure if you cherry pick and make strategic omissions as the FBI and DOJ claims the memo does you would do damage. And Senator Thune now says that the senate needs to take a look at it before it’s released and wants the minority rebuttal released too. :wink:


Trump should pardon and reimburse everyone who was harmed by the entire Special Council charade.

Many innocent people are being financially ruined by the deep pocket deep State. Just as many Tea Party groups were restrained by the IRS.

Declaw the swamp.


Some of those “innocent people” that have been snared in the Mueller probe have admitted to felony crimes. :wink:


Senate has nothing to do with a House produced document and the president is the arbitrator of all classified material. We most certainly learned this when republicans couldn’t address Clinton’s indiscretions because Obama supposedly had declassified them…

Look at it this way… if the material is so bad and so much in error, its public correction can only serve to embarrass those who produced it in specific and republicans in general. I don’t think that Nunes wants to harm the Republican case… One way or the other, democrats at all levels will have the ability to tear it apart line by line.

I find it hilarious that Wray is ‘demanding’ that the original FISA warrant have the names redacted… given that it seems to be the Obama White House that unmasked peoples names and struck them in the newspapers in the first place…

I also here that Wray is saying that if the memo is release that he will quit… sighting of all things that he never wanted the job when Trump picked him… Hum… I guess he never learned to say No… perhaps thats the problem with him objecting to the memo release in the first place…


That had nothing to do with Trump… They lied… the committed financial crimes. … They say that with the complexity of the laws today, someone commits a felony violation at least once a day… how comfortable are you with a fishing expedition?


Haha, democrats. The dossier WAS NOT the sole basis for the FISA warrant, Carter Page’s passing of documents to Russian spies wouldn’t be hard to get a warrant for surveillance.