#ReleaseTheMemo: House Intel votes to release controversial surveillance memo to the public


I think we saw the deep State influence when Gowdy quit.

They are fucking messing with us.


For something that allegedly happened in … what… 2013? Like I said… just how lucky would you feel if the feds were doing a fishing expedition in you life…


Maybe… or Maybe Gowdy is sharpening his pencils for his desk and chair that RBG is barely warming… I read something about a circuit court appointment… in the interim? Or maybe they can find a new roll for Sessions; Gowdy did say he wanted back in the judicial side of things…

As for the deep state… we will see if congress is willing to step up to the intel, DOJ and the FBI… the memo will be a good start. Given what we learn from that memo… perhaps… just perhaps, a bunch more people will raise their eyebrows and say… ‘Wow… I guess it can happen in America !’

Well will see… I think this is the second shoot heard around the world: (I hope it ain’t a dud)


Such conspiracy theories.


You bet… their is a fierce amount of activity to block people from getting to the light switch… of course their are a serious number of times where people have been called tinhat only to find down the road that they were of course telling the truth all along. The most recent to come out of hiding were of course the globalists… those creatures how hungout in groups like the CFR… The Bilderberg group and the Trilateral commission. Anybody pointing a finger at them for the last 40 years were called conspiracy theorists… No… It can’t happen in America… and now, you are quite undisturbed in saying… ‘Its Inevitable’…


It would seem that democrats are so triggered by the potential release of this memo that Move-On.org has set out a mass email soliciting donations.

I would urge democrats to hold off for a few days… you just might find by reading the memo that it actually ‘Can Happen In America’… and that your premature donation has done nothing constructive but instead feed the beast…

“We can’t allow Rep. Nunes to continue spreading unfounded innuendo about the Russia probe to undermine its credibility,”

the letter states – without a trace of irony.


Scott, you’re right about the CFR,the Bilderburger Group and The Trilateral Commission. Alot of former Presidents have been member of at least the CFR. It also controls or instigates what happens in world politics.These county clubs of the worlds elites including Soros is a real menace.


Ryan just assured us that the memo does no harm to the DOJ, FBI or the Mueller investigation.


I suppose not if it is properly redacted :roll_eyes: and even if it does cull the gangrene that heads these agencies, it doesn’t necessarily harm the agencies themselves or even the last breaths of the Mueller roust…

By the way since you gave no link I went out and looked for myself… realclear politics says that he used the word ‘Impugn’ those groups… that doesn’t mean it won’t do them harm…


Tonight those who lay their head on the pillow will have it chopped off in the morning. Look for an avalanche of leaks, more stories about Melania’s dresses, and perhaps a few dead bodies.

This is so much bigger than Watergate. Two entire departments contain KGB type elements. Third world conditions have arrived on our shores.

1773-2009 DI


I think when all is said and done, this ‘apparatus’ may have been in place for years before Obama became president, but I think we will find that he embraced its possibilities to the fullest…


Well if you’re right, it’s Trumps, his picks, his leadership, all. Wray, McCabe, Mueller, Comey, Coats, Rosenstein, all Republicans, all watching the TIC doing the bidding of his Russian handlers, all warning that not only will it benefit our enemies if the memo is released but our allies are going to be even more reticent to share intelligence with us because of it. It won’t be the first time that Trump has screwed our allies with regards to intelligence. Like the SOS said, this guys a FM, and his desperation is pushing him to greater risks.


Trump does nothing, NOTHING to criticize or punish Russia, no criticism of Russia at the SOTUA, but plenty of criticism of Americans and American institutions. Whatever Russia wants Trump to do, that he does. The entire congress tells Trump to sanction Russia, nope, Putin opposes that. Trumps cabinet tells him not to release the memo, nope, Putin wants it released. The most hateful American hating president this country has ever seen.


So… 100 people were #release the memo, and now 2,860 are doing so. America has been brought to its knees. The article says nothing about how many tweets have that hashtag- only about the ones who are likely [?] Russian bots. Were there half a million others- 10 million others?

This partisan cherry picking is why most Americans have come to view the media as liars.

Not sure where to begin on that one; McCabe is a Republican? News to me. Your claim that Trump is doing Russia’s bidding is, well do you have something of substance on that or just tossing a bomb?


Yes any government employee who screws up is a republican which is common knowledge (LOL)

Ignored as always is the people in the FBI, DOJ are career lunatic democrats.

And the mantra of it’s Trump’s fault is the battle cry now and for 3 more years at least.


286,000%!!! Increase. So not a bomb throw so much, I did explain that in one of the most bipartisan bills we’ve seen in a long time both houses of congress voted to impose punitive sanctions on Russia which the president REFUSES to implement, and Russia would like very much to keep that kind of influence in the White House so of course they’d like to see the memo released that the president is saying will throw water on the Mueller investigation.

It’s not odd at all that folks are confused about who heads up the DOJ, FBI and directs National Intelligence. To a person they oppose the moron in the White House on this.


It’s not odd at all that the idiots in congress who pass a law and whine like monte that the president isn’t enforcing it yet say nothing when the past presidents refused to enforce immigration law ignoring the millions crossing illegally into the US. Those millions cost this country over 100 billion a year and the left whines about building a wall to slow the flow of illegals. What a pathetic bunch of hypocrites.

And it’s not odd at all that the idiots here claim Russian interference with nothing but hot air.


The TIC is compromised by his ties to Russia. Like Bannon said, it’s the money laundering. He is impotent where Russia is concerned.

Clearly the Trump apologists are willing to do anything, including hurt innocent people over this.


Clearly the Trump haters are totally out of control.

But when your a BIH, what do you expect.


Denial is a very wide river. Names will be named tomorrow. Those not upholding the constitution will meet with a hard reality.