#ReleaseTheMemo: House Intel votes to release controversial surveillance memo to the public


What is interesting here is that if Twitter can identify these bots enough to calculate who they are and how many times the generate an output, why don’t they stop them? Seems to me that they are running conservative views off the platform with regularity. If the ’ # ’ offering is so corrupted then why has it not been reconfigured. The fact is, just as their are mountains of identifiable fake friends to loudmouth celebrities, these companies allow this activity to occur because it suits their political agenda. Make no mistake, regardless of the number of bot inputs, congress members got their ears bent in calls and correspondence letting them know that they were not bot…

I have never heard such a bunch of whiny crap in all my life. You don’t want to get to the bottom of anything in Washington because it serves your progressive, globalist, open boarders stance far more… besides, who cares about the integrity of the US government when you don’t actually care about the United States of AMERICA in the first place.


IF a frog had wings it wouldn’t bump its ass every time it move too.


I’m starting to see a trend here… what ever the progressive left oppose, will be sold as a conspiracy by Russia to oppose it. We are seeing now… for the first time, that it is Russia that is pushing the opposition to change the second amendment… so we can all shoot each other :joy: Are you guys really this dumb or do you suspect that we are gullible enough to buy this BS?


And this morning the TIC tweets that the top leadership of the FBI and DOJ have politicized the memo. Not the rank and file. They’re good people. So, one more time, the TIC is dropping his own peoples asses in the grease. His republican picks for leadership. Not unlike what he’s done to his SOS and AG in the past.


We’ll see today what happens…We know that Ryan has assured us that “the memo does NOT indict the FBI or DOJ, nor does it maligne the Mueller investigation”


And Nunes has been very coy about White House coordination on the memo. When asked he said, “as far as I know…no”. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


No tax returns, Trump says Mueller looking into his finances will be a red line, and Bannon tells Wolffe that it’s the money laundering that gets Trump.

Bannon also knows, as any street-fighter would, that Mueller’s probe is perilous for the president because it is much more than an investigation into Russia’s election meddling on Trump’s behalf — and Bannon zeroes in candidly and coolly on that fact.

“This is all about money laundering,” Wolff quotes Bannon saying. “Their path to [expletive] Trump goes right through Paul Manafort, Don Jr. and Jared Kushner.” For good measure he added, “It’s as plain as a hair on your face.”


The Guardian and New York Magazine published excerpts of Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, on Wednesday. In the book, Wolffin writes that Bannon described a June 2016 meeting between senior Trump campaign officials and a Kremlin-connected lawyer who promised to provide them with incriminating information about Hillary Clinton as “treasonous” and “unpatriotic,” and linked the Trump family to a money laundering operation.

This is what was said… now… I ask… as I have asked for months and months… where is the proof? … or is this just more of an easy read for a panicked, trump hating liberal?.. Huuummmm?


Representative Nadler has called for an emergency meeting with Wray.


We seem particularly nervous today monte. Almost to the level of glee. Com’on now, we know that you secretly want the entire obama-clinton house of cards to collapse around them don’t you.

It’s ok to admit it. It will let you pass the stage of denile.


Lol. You sound as though you believe I’m personally implicated in the Nunes memo???


Nadler really has his panties in a twist. Perhaps the dems should have read the memo?


What does that mean???


It was widely reported that only 12 dem house members had taken the opportunity to actually read the memo.


Ok, and what point are you making with that. I know some few republicans have taken the opportunity to read the minority memo, not all though.


Perhaps more than 12 dem house members should hold interest when it comes to the DOJ and FBI harboring treasonous members within their ranks.

Jus sayin’


You don’t think that they talk amongst themselves. I would imagine that those republicans which have read the minority rebuttal have shared with their colleagues. But what’s more important than a cherry picked book report that omits factual material so as to give a misleading impression, is what the book itself actually says. If you’re accusing the DOJ/FBI of “harboring traitors”, then apparently you too are criticizing, perhaps condemning, the Republican leadership of those institutions that the president himself appointed, and with regards to Wray, such stellar reputation that he was confirmed in the senate by 92 votes!! All of which are telling the president, NOT TO RELEASE THE MEMO.


We shall see. Obviously you remain In the cover up camp. Very Nixonian of you BTW.


We shall see. But to prosecute alleged wrong doing, I don’t have to support releasing information that will be useful to our enemies or cause distrust amongst our allies. And I certainly don’t want to rely on a misleading majority report. It doesn’t go unnoticed that you can’t speak to the conflict of interest between the president and his own chosen leadership in the FBI/DOJ.


Sooo… Damn… sometimes I just have to shake my head to try to understand peoples logic.

So people lets talk about the people Trump ‘appointed’… Did he appoint Rosenstein… No. While he appointed Sessions, he is effectively out of this conversation. Did he appoint McCabe… No. He certianly didn’t appoint Comey… So that leaves us with McCabes replacement David Bowdich who might have been compromised by Comey himself and have to testify in that regard… and Finally Christopher Wray who by all accounts is a standup guy but I would suspect that he is loyal to the FBI and indeed recently said that he didn’t really want the job anyway…

So people who have done this investigation beleive that their is more than cercumstantual evedence that this heirarchy as … issues and you want to hold it against these investigators and Trump himself for exposing the very people who are screaming: