#ReleaseTheMemo: House Intel votes to release controversial surveillance memo to the public


Undoubtedly hyperbole to the highest order… People saw this memo including Wray and when it looked like they would be able to talk Trump out of releasing it, its content was fine… It isn’t going to do any damage to our security… relax … and as far as being misleading… well… because you haven’t seen it, as Schiff has already shown himself to be a bit of a partisan drama queen, I wouldn’t hold much stock in that either.

Like I have said before… if this memo turns out to be a dud… if this memo turns out to be lies… the only people who suffer are those who produced and published it… anything else is good news for America…


National security label.

  1. Information sensitive that should not be released.
  2. Information that is embarrassing and the politicians do not want to be exposed.


Looks like Paul Ryan has called for the release of the Democratic party’s rebuttal memo, but it’s unclear if he means concurrently, if not, not much concession there.


You know you’re in the Twilight Zone when republicans are defending/excusing/dismissing Russia and attacking American law enforcement agencies. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Gawd… do you ever really pay attention… no one is dismissing anything… we know that Russia was involved in the election… Personally I have been convinced of this all my adult life… Oh, yeah… as I was saying… We know that Russia was involved in the election… Clinton bought the dossiers… who knows, that might have even been at a discounted price give the things that went on with the Uranium One deal.

Look, Dem Rep. Himes said that it was ‘UNPATRIOTIC’ TO CREATE DOUBT IN FBI’S OBJECTIVITY’. I think it is unconscionable that if our law enforcement is operating in a politically or ideologically driven way. It should be dealt with. We have 4 concurrent investigations going on… all of those investigations run through the FBI and it would seem most of the questions being asked of the FBI are not being answered… If an oversight committee can’t quietly get to the bottom of wrong doing or conflicts of interest, then they must make a bit more noise. Lets not forget that Tom Fitton of Judical Watch has been stonewalled for years over FOIA requests dealing with many of these same issues. If you can’t get to the bottom of these issues, that should concern everyone, with cooperation… you need to go to the next level.

As far as Muellers Russia investigation, I don’t think anything will affect it… unless the grounds for creating a special counsel in the first place were fraudulent…

I personally think that the major objections here is that Dems know that this is going to blow up in their respective faces…


Ex GOP REPUBLICAN Joe Walsh is just now saying that from his experience in congress Nunes is the most partisan republican he ever met, and that he’s “acting like a partisan hack”!!! Claims Nunes is engaged in a distraction . He says investigate it ALL, investigate Russia, investigate trumps relationship and involvement/conspiracy with Russia, and investigate any cause to believe that there’s corruption in the FBI/DOJ. As Walsh points out, Nunes is only interested in one of those.


That might possibly be true but lets not forget that it was Schiff’s ethics charges that really got him fired up when he was sidelined for 8 months for no reason… I’d be pissed to… Walsh said that Nunes sees everything through the Rep vs Dem lens. And Schiff who has obstructed the panel hasn’t? Also, lets not forget the stonewalling by the FBI and DOJ that got us here… As as far as ‘Investigating Russia’… we have Not One… Not Two but three other groups doing just that… No one is forgetting Russia, but a whole lot of people want to forget Hillary’s involvement with them…


Flake and Coons just sent bipartisan message to the President not to release the memo.

And the president has signed the release and kicked it back to congress who will present it later today.


So…? :joy: There is something about Flakes name…:rofl:


So having signed the release and kicked it back to congress, it seems they may present the memo to congress at large for a look, or even a vote to put it out. We may soon see the document that the DOJ and FBI are claiming to be misleading and revealing of methods to “the world” as Kelly says.


Interesting little factoid… While Nunes is the ‘face’ of this memo… it was apparently written by an Ex Justice department dude…


For 160K.

A deal at twice the price.


Of course it was a discount price… She had already done her part of the quid pro quo with the Uranium One deal but they had to throw in the 160K kicker as a cover…


In a written statement released shortly before the GOP memo was made public, McCain, R-Ariz., decried what he described as a partisan attack on the FBI and the Justice Department and tried to put the focus back on Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.


It’s called the fruit of the poisoned tree. Mueller’s case has been hollowed out. Now the bad actors will be rooted out. Those who neglected to introduce information related to the source of the bogus dossier to the FISA court should have a nice weekend.



John Mc Cain, ROTFLMAO, why you would even bother to quote the senile senator form Arizona with zero credibility.


Down to McCain and Flake. Sad.


WOW, a partisan attack on the FBI.

Totally ignoring the fact they used a made up dossier without verification for FISA warrants.

Someone should be fired and jailed for that little misstep.


Yeah, he said that somehow seeking a clean government that follows the law is somehow playing into the hands of Russia…


I’m pretty sure that you’ll throw any of your own under the bus that dare to show any character. But that’s ok men, you’re not in charge of this.