Religion is for people going to Hell?

I went to this one “church’s” website (non Catholic but not clear what denom) and I saw this exact comment but when I tried to click on to read what the pastor had to say, I couldn’t get it back for some odd reason

so anyway, I thought I would comment on how outrageous some people can be when it comes to waht they believe.

Religion always needs to be defined.

If you have the right religion, if you do what Jesus said to do, you will get to Heaven… problem is, people put other things over Jesus… But in any case, religion doesn’t send you to hell so…

I do understand what may be the point, though… just going to Church does not make you a Christian

and only those on their way to hell would think otherwise

I have heard, religion is just a crutch. Then again, what if you “really need” a crutch to get through some areas of life? If it lifts the individual, I see nothing wrong; as long as beliefs are not forced on others. Life is a hard road; and I am not one to criticizes anyone who seeks help.

I wonder where these people - the people who believe the ‘crutch’ explanation- think their insight comes from. Superior intelligence? An inner strength greater than most? Logic?

There have been atheists around since the beginning of recorded history. So it’s not like modern science is needed for opening up the eyes of the supposedly deluded God believers. So what is it that these people think they have that allows them to see what god believers can’t?

wht was done to Jesus is done to all Christians. “If they hated me, they will hate you” Jesus said…

But some Christians bail on Jesus whne the going gets tough

I’d say most. I pray they re-consider before the End bc no one can get to heaven without a close thing w/ Jesus… and the only way to Jesus is through HIS Church (RCC)