Remember Obama thorn Sharyl Attkisson


She appears in this timeline several times… Obama had good reason to go after the press… or at least this reporter.

Seems to think that the FBI… the same FBI that Shamai Leibowitz outed early in the administration of unprecedented transparency, not only hacked her computers several times but swapped her hard drive wholesale when they ‘examined it’

I wonder if they have destroyed Seth Rich’s computer …


““The Justice Departement is fighting us,” she tweeted today, singling out Inspector General Michael Horowitz, an Obama administration holdover who still holds the position. This is the same Michael Horowitz who was appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to oversee the FISA abuses investigation.”

The deep State in action. Eric Holder is now considering a run for president in 2020. I hope Ms. Attikission has layers of personal protection. I fear her life may be in serious danger.


We many have a Republican at the head of the agency but the liberal friendly employees remain in place.

Perhaps they should terminate the entire agency and begin again.