Remember Soph? She just made a new video and she names the (((boomers)))!

Only 14 years old and she is completely awake. Over 21000 views in 20 min on YouTube before it got taken down.

Here is is on BitChute:


Notice something all those (((boomers))) have in common?


Her grandparents might be boomers but if she is 14 years old her parents are most likely Millennials or the younger side of Gen X.

I don’t know where she is seeing Boomers at.

It’s funny cause my parents were boomers and they never told me to stop playing video games or using the internet.

The average American spends 3.5 hours a day watching TV. These same people tell you playing video games is bad or using the internet too much is bad. Like the only screen you can stare at for long periods of time is a TV screen. But there are people on this site that say shit like that.

Video games are a waste of time. STFU.


Great fucking video. I previously didn’t know whether or not Soph was Jwoke, but this pretty much confirms it.

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Boomers crucified Christ and fomented the Russian Revolution in 1917. Boomers are the world’s misfortune! :rofl:

There is no way this young lady isn’t being coached by her parents.

Another brilliant video by soph, but a fair warning, it’s not for squeamish boomers.

As a squeamish boomer I have to say:
… too much mustard makes you squeamish
… the Russian revolution was over before I was born
… George Soros is not a boomer

Interesting video, I hope she makes it past 20, I can see her teaming up with Lauren Southern