Republican prayer rally met with violence!


American flag was burned, students injured , First Amendment stepped on at a prayer rally ! Liberals use violence to silence conservatives even when praying .


They are asking for a shooting war and my concern is they are going to get exactly what they are asking for.


Sometimes violence is met with more violence . What exactly are these super liberals afraid of , why the need to silence students on campus ? Is their message so dam weak that a single rally would turn their base ??? :roll_eyes:


It seem’s free speech is only free if you speak in behalf of the left !
Maybe we need to integrate collage professors like we were forced to do our schools ?
33% lib’s 33% conservatives 33% moderates .


How do we rid the campus of the other 75% liberals professors ???


Just as we did our schools . Make it a civil rights cause for action pass a law done deal !


Do you actually think professors would declare their political affiliation knowing they maybe dismissed ?


2016 study showed there were 36 speakers disinvited from campuses across the country, and said “pretty much all were conservative.”
Many Democrats say the Constitution already protects free speech, and that states have no need to micromanage how colleges handle student demonstrations and speakers. Many also object to the penalties some measures are calling for, such as fining or firing – in the case of professors and other college employees – those who are deemed to have deprived the free speech rights of a person or group.


I would bet that all most every professor has written on their political positions .


And from time to time those position may change when your job is on the line !



We are not talking about firing people for their beliefs . What I am thinking is more a busing around so to speak so that the students are exposed to a greater range of thought and theory .


And if these professors refuse to re-locate ? Where exactly would you find a sufficient number of conservative professors to balance things out ??
The disparity is even more pronounced at the most elite schools, where, according to the study, 87 percent of faculty are liberal and 13 percent are conservative.


When you say ‘just as we did in our schools’ I assume you are speaking of some localized legislation because in Oregon girls in the 6th grade can have an IUD fitted without parental consent or knowledge…


He can’t be referring to schools in NY, NJ, CA ,Massachusetts, Vermont , RI , DC , or OR !


Another example of Leftist Fascism . Could they be prosecuted as Hate Crimes??? Is there Excess pressure by Liberal donors and alumni.What ever happened to peaceful objective discussions on campuses.
Of course any criticism by conservative professors would be met with threats of termination and intimidation by the Leftist Fascists including the press.


Globalists have finally come out of hiding… they have played a long game. They have stayed in the shadows while anyone who pointed them out was a conspiracy nut… a right winger. Well we made choice long ago, foolish as it was to ‘coexist with communism’ and embrace multiculturalism… The think that they have the power and upper hand … depending on how we react… perhaps they do.


Maybe the “Unseen Hand” of G Soros is involved.


He’s not hiding his intentions anymore either. People are going to have to decide which side of this fight they are on… and riding the fence isn’t really an option any more.


Affirmative action desegregated public schools and bused children in order is reach segregation .