Republican prayer rally met with violence!


Online professors will have to work short term .


I’m not sure I understand what you are getting at but I will respond this way.

School busing was at least as bad as it was good and while you might think that state indoctrination of the public to achieve the states goals is good, many children and indeed their parents were not happy with the lengthy bus rides, children being taken away from their own neighborhoods and parents who no longer had access to their children and the teachers who taught them when their was a problem. Affirmative action, as many have said on here, have put otherwise bright kids in positions to fail because they were, because of many reasons unable to function in these gifted positions or class placements.

As far as teachers go… some people are more predisposed to certain jobs than others… and as we have seen ,since patriot allowed people to identify their political leanings yesterday, categorizing peoples political beliefs are difficult. The problem as I see it, is that we allow government to force us to accept people and attitudes in our communities that we would otherwise shun and move on. You can get upset at me for calling out the government and our use of laws to solve our social problems but they have done, as I said at the top, at least as much harm as they have good… besides, I really don’t see the leeway that the constitution has given to force unwilling people together.


Five arrested is not enough. It’s something that cops did so that they can say, “well at least we did something” in case shit got even more out of hand later on.


I agree busing was a terrible idea that pushed students into private and parochial schools .
We are talking adults in 2018 I thing video conferencing of something close could work in engaging young adults and broaden the conversation ?


Do nothing if you are ready to give lib professors a captive audience 6 or 7 hours a day for four or more years ?
All I am saying is allow some balance in the mix .


We need events like this. The longer we stay out of the public square, the longer the cultural marxists and our own government have to erase us from existence.


Of course deciding how a particular speaker makes their way into a classroom appears, at least at the college level, the prerogative of a student body well grounding in the liberal mindset well before they are enrolled in anything post secondary…

I think it was a terrible idea because it did not help black communities to build strong schools… and as far as pushing kids into other avenues of education… I don’t think that was unhealthy at all… I wish we would give all kids the opportunity, but I fear to many people see it as a lost of control of the message…


Desegregation was another failed policy it had children bused from very good neighborhoods to poor ones . The problem was the amount of time the children had to travel each day and the fact while those parent from the very good homes paid school taxes based on their our neighborhood and their children were bused to poor ones . And as far as Affirmative Action go’s it was nothing more than government sponsored discrimination !! They punish those that never benefited from discrimination and rewarded those that never were discriminated against ! Once again the dems allowed the chosen ones to skip the line and dumb down our schools !


That is totally impossible to implement !


It is time for law enforcement to take this criminal behavior very seriously and place as many charges as possible on these morons .


So you want to jail most of the students who protest . We tried that in the sixty’s and seventy’s and now have a all volunteer armed forces !
I am not ready to give young minds to the left again we may end up with open borders and universal health care . Oops we all ready have 80% of that already .


NO !!! I want those that go to rallies with the intent to bring VIOLENCE charged and arrested with as many charges as possible !


I don’t really know who these 'proud boys" people are something to do with that guy who sticks stuff up his ass and who has a beard. Whatever, they slap a few Antifa chicks around not much decent fighting but amusing anyway.


I guess those sorry asses don’t like getting a beat down . They enjoy burning flags , wear masks , and throwing rocks and carrying clubs ,and getting little to no resistance , but today a beat down was in order ! :wink: :laughing: Was that Johnny boy in pink ?? :wink::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


0:45 - Glorious


This game uses the Ragdoll Phys-X™ engine.


Antifa seriously can’t fight. 2 normal dudes could probably beat 10 of them down. All of this would have been much better if both sides had rifles.


Only cowards wear a mask and carry clubs . Maybe they need to head back to the university were they meet NO resistance ! :laughing::laughing:


I have a feeling that their are certain groups who watch and track antifa participants… one of these days, lists will be distributed and home visits will be made…


Their masks need to be removed and their photos taken for future dealings !!:wink: