REVEALED: Performing arts school rape accused can be named


Four people facing allegations of horrific abuse of little boys can be revealed as a brother and sister and her daughters after a court suppression order was lifted.

Police have alleged a trio of boys aged younger than 10 were subjected to repeated rape and assault in ‘sadistic’ incidents between June 2014 and April last year.

Daily Mail Australia understands circus boss Therese Cook, 58, is the central figure in the police case.

She has been charged with 43 offences - the most of any of those accused - including aggravated assault of a child, sexual intercourse with a child under 10 and holding children against their will.

Her sibling, Paul Cook, 52, has been accused of filming at least one encounter on his mobile phone and three counts of aggravated sexual assault in company.

One of the most heinous allegations is against burlesque dancer and actress Yyani-Rose Cook-Williams, 29, from Canterbury. She is understood to be Therese’s daughter.

Cook-Williams is accused of ‘inciting’ a boy to rape another little boy on Anzac Day last year. Police allege she also raped both of the little boys in company with her mother.

Clarissa Meredith, revealed as 23 in court documents, has been charged with rape, assaulting two of the boys and depriving a boy of his liberty. She is reportedly also a daughter of Therese Cook.

All four adults are alleged to have lived together in two homesteads on a dilapidated rural property next to a dog pound on the outer reaches of Sydney.

Three other people, including a 17-year-old girl, and 18-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman, have also been charged over similar acts of alleged abuse.

When Daily Mail Australia visited the home of the four adults on Wednesday, a polka dot bow tie sat at the front gate, dogs at a nearby pound howled and the property was left completely deserted.

The only sign of life was a packed Country Road bag sitting at the front door - no doubt a sign an occupant was ready to leave.

The home - which includes a bungalow out the back- was left totally deserted except for a pair of sleeping dogs.

Friends of the group who visited the property claimed the media attention had been ‘invasive’.

But they were perhaps unaware of the scale of the allegations faced by the group.

Court documents alleged Therese Cook began indecently assaulting the boys in early 2015.

Then, one boy was three-years-old and the other was just seven, court documents alleged.

It’s alleged Therese may have raped one of the boys as early as 2014.

A Sydney court has heard the group was first made aware of the allegations against them last September.

Bail documents said Therese Cook claimed to police she should get bail because ‘she did not do what she is accused of’.

She also told police she had a ‘daughter who is dependent on her’.

But she was denied bail as there was ‘a strong prosecution case and the length of time spent in custody is not likely to exceed the sentence imposed after conviction’, the documents said.

Police have expressed horror at the allegations, with a source telling News Corp they were the ‘most disturbing things I’ve read in 24 years’.

It has been claimed some of the allegations involving the small boys included ‘blood rituals’.

The group’s defence lawyer protested their innocence earlier this week.

‘They say we simply didn’t do this,’ Bryan Wrench said.

‘They have been aware of these allegations (since) September last year and have been at liberty since that time.’

The four have entered not guilty pleas have been entered to every charge.

The adults will apply to be released on bail next Friday.


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