Richard Russell - Blaze Of Glory


What a way to go Richard Russell! This guy is a fucking legend! Let his actions be a lesson to us all.



He just couldn’t take this future anymore…

RIP, White guy…


What is that suppose to mean??


If any man isn’t moved by Rich’s antics, you’re probably a gay dweeb who has always been uncomfortable whenever he has to talk to male friends because he just doesn’t really understand them.


Wtf are you talking about. What do gay men have to do with an airline ground services employee stealing a plane??


Suicide is not worthy of glorification. His friends and family are devastated and would find your comments horribly offensive.


Yea. I don’t get why he is to be looked at as a legend…was there a particular motive for doing what he did. Did Alaska air somehow wrong him or his family? Did he have a terminal disease? Was he going to go to prison for something he didn’t do? I just saw a dude with some issues that wanted to die and had fun doing it…mabey if he crashed it into a terrorist training camp then I would give him credit…:neutral_face:


The guy became art. Pure expression. Unironically, Rich has helped me appreciate life more.

Big F, Rich. See you space cowboy.


Dude became dead. And hurt all of his loved ones doing so. Sounds pretty selfish to me, that being said, he went out with a bang and that took balls. But that’s about it…