Robert Mueller moves to dismiss charges against Rick Gates following plea deal


Will Mueller produce a case that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, as some Democrats contend?

Or will a federal judge produce a case for prosecutorial overreach, as some Republicans suggest?

Special counsel Robert Mueller has moved to dismiss recently-unveiled charges against Rick Gates, who pleaded guilty last week in federal court in Washington.

Mueller’s office announced last Thursday that a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia had returned a new, 32-count indictment against Gates, and his longterm business partner Paul Manafort.

Shortly after noon Friday, Gates pled guilty to conspiracy against the United States and making a false statement. Gates — the fifth person to plead guilty as part of Mueller’s probe — also signaled his cooperation with the investigation.

Gates first pleaded not guilty to the eight count indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Washington in late October.

Manafort has also pleaded not guilty to the October charges in Washington, and was hit with new charges on Friday.

Manafort will be arraigned in Washington on Friday indictment, and in Virginia on Friday.


If I were Manafort, I’d be looking for a way, any way, out of the country, or, if I was that great a buddy with the Russkies- their embassy for asylum. He’s looking at spending the rest of his life in the graybar.

Going to trial where your jury is a bunch of ‘View’ watching fatties is sentencing himself to life without parole.


But why would he go on the lamb if he’s innocent. You have no idea what the composition of the jury will be.


Have you ever served on a jury? Both sides try to winnow out anyone who thinks critically. One thing watchers of the View are unable to do is think critically- if they did they would find better uses for their time than watching Joy Behar.

As to Manafort’s guilt-- I’m guessing he’s guilty of some things, but probably not all of what Mueller is charging up. Given the nature of some judges, and that you can’t choose judges for a federal trial, he will be convicted of enough to send him away forever, for what, if an Obama acolyte had done similar with say Gambia- would be looking upwards of no prosecution at all under a Clinton regime.

Did Manafort commit crimes- I believe he did. Is he being prosecuted for political, more than judicial ends? Absolutely.


Is he being prosecuted for political, more than judicial ends? Absolutely.

Can you imagine the screaming if this were a democrat?

Look at Bill Clinton Impeached and then a nice government retirement like most government employees who have committed crimes.

Manafort, jail time as he’s not a democrat.


Yes, but only a federal grand jury.


Imagine jury selection.

Have you heard of or read about Paul Manafort?

How many people could honestly say no???


This jury maybe as ASTUTE as the OJ jury and a Lance Ito like judge.


And you have exactly zero knowledge to base that assumption on. Btw, while we’re talking opinions, care to hazard a guess what Muellers dropping of Gates charges translates to?


Amazing he has the same knowledge base as you.

The difference is he gives him the benefit of doubt, you’ve not only convicted him but Trump too.