Rosie O'Donnell is Selling 'Sadness Rage' Finger Paintings on Etsy to #Resist Trump


Rosie O'Donnell, an overweight and unemployed Hollywood has-been, is now selling low-quality 'sadness rage' art on Etsy as a means to fund the #resistance.

Despite not having the typical physique or talent of a starving artist, Rosie has nonetheless committed her life to the cause of the resistance art activism movement. Her goal is to save America from tyranny.

When Rosie is not spending her days crying or screaming into pillows, she can be found making cheap 5x7 prints of finger paintings done on her iPhone. Rosie shared her inspiration on Etsy:

til trump is out
I will keep making these
I started doodling on my I phone
many images of trump and his regime
my sadness rage disappointment
will now be expressed
with these pieces

Rosie claims that all proceeds will be used to fund political campaigns for #resistance candidates. She has made a total of 12 sales and her store is currently sold out.

Best of luck Rosie!

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She is such a desperate loser idiot. The only people who are dumber than she is are the 12 idiots that bought her junk.


:rofl: she’s going to fund a political resistance movement with the sale of 12 finger paintings.


Trump Derangement Syndrome is really taking it’s toll on her. She won’t even show her haggard face anymore. Not that I’m complaining or want to see it - she just looks like a strung out drug addict. I bet she’s broke and needs the money. Too much eating. Sad!


And stolen girl scout cookie money.


I just read a few other articles about this. Nothing but praise.

“Her Art is Selling Out!”

“Rosie is making anti-Trump art, and it selling”

Bleh…all leaves out that critical piece of information. She only printed 12 pieces off her damn phone.


They’ll become"Limited Edition Collectibles" Imagine the TV commercials for this but I hope we’re not tortured by having to see her "Very Unphotogenic " body and face.


Have some good memories.


It’s worth remembering Why Rosie O’Donnel attacked Donald Trump. In an unprovoked attack on both his character and his physical appearance.

Donald Trump gave Tara Connor, Miss USA 2006, a second chance when it was revealed that she had a drug problem.

She persuaded him that she could clean up in rehab and it would be better for everyone and Miss USA that way. So Donald gave her a second chance.

She succeeded and she is a mother today.

(She had started using at 14 when her parents separated and grandfather died around the same time)

Rosie O’Donnel attacked Trump as a moral hypocrite, for some illogical reason, for his act of compassion. She also derided his hair.

In reality Rosie O’Donnel is an aggressive, obese, physically unappealing, lesbian.

She would hate the glorification of cultivated, beautiful and charming women that men want to love and who want to love men.

It gets down to jealousy.


If there are people who look up to and get moral or philosophical guidance from the likes of
Rosie O’Donnell, Ellen Degeneres, Miley Cyrus, the Kardashians, etc. then this is the best argument for a massive eugenics program in the US.


Rosie is an unattractive (Fugly) Libtard and I can’t imagine why another lesbian would be attracted to her unless they’re blind
At least Ellen isn’t constantly bombarding people with her political views.
Miley is HOT but a low class sliut.
The Kardashians famous for doing nothing and whining like spoiled brats. These people are hardly ones to seek out any type of political advice.


So much jealousy from people that will never be as successful as Rosie O’Donnell! :rofl:


Not much to be jealous about there.


There is only one female celebrity worthy of your time.


No jealousy of Rosie .She Is a Real source of Political Thought like the HAGS except for Meghan McCain on the View.Besides the Plastic Surgeon that could help her hasn’t been born yet.


She does what she is paid for, entertain and she is one of the best without the rhetoric so prevalent in stardom today.


Wasn’t that useless piece of garbage supposed to move to Canada and mate with a moose ???:laughing:



Well this conservative rocks my boat !!! :cherries::fire: