RT disclosed its dealing with twitter during and post election


Twitter announced that they would block off Russian Today (RT) and Sputnik, both are russian news outlets recently and was trying to cut ties and “donate” their earning toward “social research”. The yare sticking to the “russian hacking the elction” narrative:

Twitter has made the policy decision to off-board advertising from all accounts owned by Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik, effective immediately. This decision was based on the retrospective work we’ve been doing around the 2016 U.S. election and the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion that both RT and Sputnik attempted to interfere with the election on behalf of the Russian government

Twitter has also decided to take the $1.9 million we are projected to have earned from RT global advertising since they became an advertiser in 2011, which includes the $274,100 in 2016 U.S.-based advertising that we highlighted in our September 28 blog post, and donate those funds to support external research into the use of Twitter in civic engagement and elections, including use of malicious automation and misinformation, with an initial focus on elections and automation

In response, RT disclosed Twitter’s full attempt to advertise their “political holding” within the media sphere to reach a multi-millions dollar deal with RT during the election:

After RT published excerpts from Twitter’s “limited offer” to spend millions on US election marketing, the company abruptly banned all advertising from the news network. This makes full disclosure and transparency imperative, so here goes.

On Thursday, the micro-blogging platform announced a policy decision to ban ads from RT and Sputnik, citing alleged meddling in the 2016 US election.

It followed Twitter’s report implying that RT was trying to influence US public opinion, crucially without providing context that virtually all news media organizations spend money on advertising their news coverage.

RT was thereby forced to reveal some details of the 2016 negotiations during which Twitter representatives made an exclusive multi-million dollar advertising proposal to spend big during the US presidential election, which was turned down.

Having since been banned, and in order to set the record straight, we are publishing Twitter’s presentation and details of the offer in full


Strange how RT started as a darling of the left… No matter when you watched it their was always some American lefty sprouting off. RT was a platform for the left… I mean I hear that the USA Communist party is having a boon new members… Even their webpage looks like the front pages of the MSM … doing the proletariats work since 1919…

In other news, the Kennedy Files, revealed what many of us have known all along, the LBJ was in fact a member of the KKK… Adds new relevance to the failed Great Society programs and the words reportedly uttered by LBJ himself: “We will have those N-----s Voting Democrat For The Next 100 Years…”.


Everything is disposable to the left, even “world peace”. They lost the election, and they are willing to risk war with a major nuclear power by crying foul play, and they even go so far, as obama osuted some russian diplomats at the very end of his term, on a charge of “tampering with the election” even tho there has been no conclusive evident.


If banning ads from RT and Sputnik weren’t enough. Twitter just banned Roger Stone. Yet they seemed not to be bothered with death threats made to conservatives by leftists. It seems that the only standard you have, is double standards. Jack, you’ve got your priorities all fucked up.


Did you see his twitter storm meltdown that prompted that move? Roger Stone is the Trump operative that tweeted out last summer that he was in contact with Wikileaks and that shortly they’d be dumping information damaging to Hillary Clinton. Only one reason, he’s feeling the heat, and went bat shit crazy this morning at the news of Manafort’s indictments.


Its just “oppo reserach”, illiterate bernie bot. Oh wait, i forgot youre the hyper non-partisan

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RT is actually pretty based lol