Rubio fires chief of staff


Drain the swamp.


I love to see this sort of thing happening to Democrats. Even Democrats with an R after their name.


Well that’s a nice attempt at dismissing republican corruption. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Wow , even when posters agree with your BS you try to demean them . :roll_eyes: shrug


Dismissed over allegations! And the accused should push things if innocent, sue the accuser and SUE the shit out of RUBIO.


When a Republican gets caught in some sort of wrongdoing they take responsibility and take action. When a Democrat gets caught in wrongdoing they spin, blame others, and circle the wagons.


Well yes of course he should if he’s innocent.


Ever notice these things just go away after failing to succeed. What ever happened to Roy Moore’s accusers?

They never seem to follow through after the damage the accused.


Then we have …:roll_eyes:


I think some US law about statute of limitations or something.


Or, perhaps, they achieved their goal! He should force the issue! Sue their asses and every damn media outlet that pushed the shit.


Yes they did, the dirty side of politics. But, the stories were true and corroborated by others. He’d never win a law suit, and don’t think he hasn’t inquired.


No laws were broken by Moore and I really do think he could file.


I think that with regards to the one child there was, but SOL, prevented prosecution at this point. Send him a note of encouragement to sue if you think he should.


Corruption?.. I thought using your staff for personal pleasure was SOP for previous presidents…As a matter of fact, I wonder how many others took Clintons actions as a green light for using their employees as they chose… I think Hollywood was only reflecting what it saw it society…


You mean like Cory Booker???


Moore’s accusers were just that. If there were proof we would have seen it. But the goal was accomplished by ensuring a democon in office. Kind of like collusion isn’t it.


I think anytime there is an accusation there should be a official inquiry. If it is political and the accusations are shown false the accuser should be executed as a traitor to this nation.

If it is not political the false accuse should be sentenced to no less than 5 years in a state pen.


It’s interesting as that’s the way our world works. Someone makes an allegation against you or your company and it’s investigated.

Today we have people making allegations with no proof and the media treats it as the truth. Some allegations have proof, pictures, etc others have nothing yet all are deemed valid.

The social music warriors live.


How can a girl that was 14 years old “prove” today that Moore was inappropriate with her 40 years ago???