Rubio fires chief of staff


In this charged climate? If he had not fired him he would have been crucified like Moore.


He fired him for evidence of wrong doing. I thought that the right was pro law and enforcement??


I really do not know. Accusations are so easy to make but are almost never perused.


This incident is beyond accusations though. Rubio claims to have evidence!!


Claims. If he does than all is good. He needs to present it and ruin this person and if he does not have any then he is part of the problem.


He has no obligation to present it to you and I though. And if his chief of staff was actually fired without cause, meaning Rubio doesn’t have evidence of wrong doing, he has a winnable law suit.


Sorry but he is a fake haven’t voted for him since 2009 and never will. GANG OF EIGHT and he had some issues with the 2nd Amendment back in 2009 and anyone who tries to mess with MY 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHT will never get my trust or vote.He also is a DOUBLE-MINDED person and they I don’t trust PERIOD. So he doesn’t impress me with this.