Russia and China


For years now, USFP has been pushing China and Russia closer together. This can be both good or bad depending. Trumps repeated belittling of Xi Jinping/China for failing to solve the North Korean issue isn’t helping.


Given that we have been at this standoff for the last 60+ years and MacArthur was stopped from fixing the China problem before we could get to this point… What would you do?

By the way Comintern is still alive and well and still has a warm seat at the central committee table…


Alignment between China and Russia is nothing new. I’m not surprised that they are moving closer together. After 8 years of Obama’s foreign policy disaster no one else should be surprised either. I do think that China needs to get beat on a little bit and Trump has been doing that. Obama acted much too subservient to China and they took advantage of that. With the way the majority of our elected officials have been treating Russia it’s no surprise that they are distancing themselves from the United States. I’m not saying we need to be best friends with Russia but we don’t need to piss them off the way we have been either. I’m sure the Russians also find all of this Russian hacking nonsense to be quite hypocritical since the United States has meddled in Russian elections for decades. None of this will change until we really take a serious approach to revising our foreign policy. I’m not confident that Tillerson is up to the task.


This isn’t just Obama’s making. USFP generally since the collapse of the Soviet Union is responsible for this shift. Bringing down the Berlin Wall was not suppose to lead to eastern expansion of NATO, yet in fact NATO has expanded eastward ten times. Both Russia and China have been critical of US imperialism and hegemony in the ME. Hussein, Mubarak, Gaddafi and Assad gave no quarters to islamic extremists. Bush and Obama destroyed that. Russia and China have both complained that a US dominated unipolar world is a threat to global security. They both reluctantly signed onto UN1973 authorizing the use of force in Libya to protect Libyan civilians. But Russia rushed to the UN as soon as operations began complaining that targeting was consistent with regime change, something they did not sign up for. This is the reason that when Obama dispatched Clinton to the UN three times to secure a resolution for the use of force in Syria, both China and Russia vetoed it all three times, citing the abuse of UNR1973 in Libya. China has completed their first aircraft carrier, and have more in the works. They have created a S2S missile capable of killing US carriers, and keeping them at a distance sufficient to prevent us from launching an attack on the mainland. They are buying S400 missiles from Russia, negotiating a near trillion dollar economic deal with them to buy their oil and gas, which will relieve the pressure of our sanctions, and the two hold joint military exercises 4-5 times a year. Military spending for both these countries began increased in earnest about the same time roughly 15 years ago. In short, as they both have stated periodically, they plan to push back against the US and balance global power.


Agreed that we shouldn’t be pissing Russia off. Like encouraging eastern expansion of NATO, threatening both of their warm water ports, and attempting to topple their key ally in the Middle East. USFP, is highly inconsistent, hypocritical and often violates international law.


I am a Trump supporter but one of the things that does irk me is the tweeting of hostile remarks towards China. Anyone who has spent any time in China, Japan, or South Korea can tell you that Asian cultures are very big on respect. There are lots of things that the United States can do to retaliate against China that will send a message. For example, I think hacking their government computers and stealing the information of all Chinese government party workers would be a start. After all, they did that to our federal workers and our military personnel. That’s an action we can take without saying a word and they would immediately understand why we were taking that action. Russia and China are competitors with one another in both military manufacturing and energy. However, they manage to work together by showing one another mutual respect and observing their respective cultural norms. We need to get there.


That’s cool that you have that experience and understanding!!! Sure, Russia and China are economic competitors, so is the US and Israel, and the US and England, but we still have our alliances. Putin told a group of western journalists last year that the world is on a path that will become irreversible, and why, though he acknowledged that we wouldn’t see it in the western news. If the US continues with destructive foreign policy, russia and China will continue to push back.