Russia could ban imported American French fries


Russia is considering a ban on imported French fries from the US and other Western countries that have imposed sanctions against Moscow.

Russia imported 94 percent of its French fries in 2017 but has bought the necessary equipment to produce it locally,

Russia’s National Horticultural Union head Sergey Korolev told RT.

The new equipment allows production of 110,000 tons a year, while the market is 106,000 tons.

How will we ever recover from this? Russia now has learned to use potatoes to make their own french fries! Global economic collapse when?


Looks like another big hit for the American economy.


But with a production margin of only 4 tons a year, any breakdowns could set off a fry revolts… and replacement parts could become quite expensive… :wink:


I worry for the American economy when countries like this can hold us hostage.


I worry for America when our entire success as a nation is measured in GDP and tax ‘revenue’. Economic and cyber wars are where it is at and we best start looking at production as a method of survival and not on of government expedience or multinational bottom lines.


I think not , with sanctions and tariffs comes JOBS , American JOBS . Under president Trump 73% of manufactures are increasing wages and benefits 77% are hiring more workers , and 88% are investing in NEW equipment and facilities . I’ll bet when stage coaches were being phased out everyone thought the end was near too .


My sarcasm at work!!!


Use the name freedom fries and the rushkies will probably buy em.


As with many things they were probably a Russian invention stolen by the US.

The Russians discovered them let them go to the US as they knew it would assist in making the American population obese and lazy. Seems to have worked.