Russia Just Killed ISIS leader al-Baghdadi in an Airstrike


While Democrats waste everyone’s time and money on pointless investigations about the non-existent connection between Russia and Trump, Russia decided to carry some of the burden of putting an end to Islamic terror by bombing the shit out of ISIS and killing their leader.

If the Democrats would cut their bullshit out, this could have been an American accomplishment. I think we owe a big thank you to the Russians for the job well done.


Hell, that’s fluff news, still “1.6 billion” of those goat humping bastards ready to take his place. ISIS is still alive and well.


Yet to be confirmed. He has been announced dead several times before. Beware, ISIS is like an hydra…chop a head and 2 grow back.


Well shit now who is the DoD gonna blame for being in the Middle East?


Start an investigation.