Russian ‘botnet’ promotes far-right messages in German election


Researchers say botnet with links to Russia started to promote hashtags on Twitter connected to the AfD over the last 48 hours

The researchers said that a so-called botnet — a collection of automated accounts that can repost messages quickly to spread them widely online — with links to Russia had started to promote hashtags on Twitter connected to the AfD over the last 48 hours. There had been a significant spike in such online activities, according to the think-tank’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, in an effort to boost far-right turnout during the election.

Ahead of Germany’s parliamentary election on Sunday, online supporters of the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party began warning their voter base of possible election fraud and calling for observers. On Saturday, the eve of the election, their efforts increased, driven by anonymous troll accounts and boosted by a Russian-language botnet.


Their is no doubt that Russia is and has been involved in western elections at least since the 1950’s. The problem here is that the people who find themselves in the opposition can always blame ‘anti-them’ ads and push back as being only Russian or that the American people are so thick that they can’t make up their own minds and ‘Russia’ poisoned their vote… It may be in Russia best interests to break up globalists aspirations but that doesn’t mean that my nationalist aspirations are invalidated by Russias position… and it doesn’t mean that I became a nationalist in the last three or four election cycles either… As Steve Bannon might say “Its America First, Not America Alone”.


This shouldn’t actually be a thing. Every country on Earth has intelligence agencies that all try to influence the political, economic, and social situations in countries they want some sway over. That doesn’t even mean that it’s always nefarious, sometimes it’s done to increase the “friend status” over other countries within a country. We have influence elections as has everyone else.


And why does this matter? We do it! We help overthrow other nations and the fact is leaders of other Nations (out allies) openly mane they opinion known.

George Soros anyone?


I matters because no matter what message Russia sends out, the progressive left make use of it to their advantage… Yes… George Soros… and minions…


The further along we go with all of this “bot” sensationalism, the more obvious it is that the left is faking the attacks. This is likely something being ran by a third-party botnet owner who does the work on contract. These services are widely available and fairly inexpensive.


I had book marked this some months ago… its a good little walk threw time in the wonderfully… opaque world of George Soros… It doesn’t say that he is a communist but it speculates just how he could operate in eastern europe and around the world if he wasn’t… And if he was, what would our liberty loving progressives say about being saddled up with him.


How long has Merkel been running the show over there anyway? Feels like forever. Don’t the Germans want to try someone new? If they do, it doesn’t mean anything got hacked. It just means that it was time for the old had to retire.


Except she still won.


Yeah…she did. I was watching the live stream of the protesters in Berlin, who were pathetic.

They were mindlessly shouting “Nazi Propaganda” for good 10 minutes then resorted to “Refugees are welcome here” in English then stopped for a while until they were told what else to shout.

It was extremely cringy to watch!


So, any ideas why the Russians are supporting/promoting the far right regimes in elections around the world?


Do you believe that is right?.. we see that yet again any attention the Russians were giving to the US elections were in support of the left… the left has always been the friend of communism in general and Russia in specific


I’ll answer it myself.

According to the op, Russian botnets are promoting right wing factions.


I give you an article of 27 Sept 2017 that shows that the research shows that the bot ads purchased by russia pointed to support of Hillary and domestic agitation of the left and not Trump… and you give an article of speculation written on 10 Dec 2016…

U.S. intelligence agencies have assessed that as the 2016 presidential campaign progressed, Russian government officials devoted increasing attention to assisting Trump’s effort to win the election, the U.S. official familiar with the finding told Reuters on Friday night, speaking on condition of anonymity.

On condition of anonymity… when will someone stand up under oath and say what they actually have proof of?


Apparently not for the Germans returned her for a final term. :blush:


But the right is making headway against her and her Russian supporters…:+1:t3: