Russian bots helping Trump campaign


Obviously Russia was working for Trump.


CNN the most trusted source for fake news.


:laughing: Montecresto cultivation in progress …:roll_eyes:


I have a Twitter account with about 30 followers. Whenever I commented on something or retweeted something I was called a Russian Bot. I think that’s just code word for people who Dems don’t like very much.


The op info came from Twitter, not anonymous Facebook posters.


From an anonymous Twitter source, now there’s a reliable accurate information, ROTFLMAO.


Of course we should use the word (allegedly) for your article to.

I wonder if a study was undertaken to find out how many (allegedly) fake followers were from another country or some group of people who push the ‘Most People In America Believe’ narrative… I wonder how many were from… Iran… or perhaps some of the donors to Hillary’s Foundation…

Or perhaps people with an agenda… and an organization like OFA might be inclined to puff the resume a little with the help of purchased popularity?



So are you the Twitter police now ? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Twitter *stasi is more appropriate