Ruth Bader Ginsburg Falls...Cracks Three Ribs


She could have retired while Obama was president… but she made a calculated gamble that Hillary would become president… a judge really shouldn’t be in the business of betting.


If President Trump gets an opportunity to replace her, I think he should nominate Merrick Garland and bring the warring parties together.


Would Kavanaugh have made such a broad stroke comment about Ginsberg or Keegan? While I don’t know that I see Garland as a particular problem, I don’t see him as a constitutional in the same way I saw Scalia… While Trump appointing him ‘might’ heal some wounds, I don’t think it will slow the left down any at all… They are to investing in bringing this country down. I guess I would have to understand those individual cases to see why they had common ground…


I’m hopeful that this is the nail in the coffin. At this age, something like this happening usually opens the floodgates to all sorts of other health related disasters.

Hopefully they happen soon so Trump can get in another pick well ahead of 2020.


My confidence in Garland is based upon two things:

  1. Garland could not possibly be as far left as is Ginsburg.
  2. Judge Kavanaugh said their decisions aligned because both of them approach the law as written without interjecting personal preferences.

I have no desire for the SCOTUS to lean left or right. All opinions should be determined by the exact wording of the law in question and its compliance with the exact wording of the constitutional requirements applicable to it…as written and understood at the time of its writing.


Well, until I hear a justice even have a conversation about things like federal government social entitlement programs or the massive overreach of the commerce clause or the premise of judicial deference and congressional precedent then I haven’t found the constitutionalist I have been looking for. No, he likely is no Ginsberg and maybe as close to someone who will challenge currently accepted law as we may get but I am still looking.


What a sick and twisted thing to say. America just proved that it wants nothing to do with this kind of depraved thinking. It’s why the GOP lost the house and for the next 2 years all if you will have to say:

Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi


explain this please…


i didn’t know there w as an abortion procedure named after here, assuming that’s what u mean?


I see you are still butt hurt over 2016 and 2018 opened old wounds as it didn’t really go the way you wanted it to… historically it wasn’t much more than a splash…


i dont know that it w as historical at all for the Ds

it WAS historical for the Rs because usually the party in the WH loses in both… so i have been told by FNC


This logic is flawed.

If it is historical for the Rs in that they, as the party in the WH should have lost in both, then it is historical for the Ds in that they, as the party not in the WH should have won in both.


Can’t walk, can’t stay awake… I mean someone do something


i dont think anything has 2 b done… she is probably on her way out, via retirement or … Retirement… (she hopes Retirement… she may be about to wake up in a very hot place… where she may never get wink of sleep again…)

I am not making light of Hell… but you know… if she e nds up t here, it is HER fault, not anyone else’s… certainly not God’s


I don’t wish to see anyone hurt, either. I wish her a speedy recovery.


Trey Gowdy is my pick to replace the scarecrow.


how about just a recovery?




Is that your name for RBG?

she does kind of resemble…



I agree. I don’t know anything about her family though…so there is that.