Ruth Bader Ginsburg Falls...Cracks Three Ribs


That would be wild. I would not want to be sitting on the opposite side of Trey Goudy. That guy is as sharp as a tack.


yes, but he has said a few things I am not too keen on… wish I could recall more on that but in any case, another one would be Gregg Jarrett. Everyone in America ought to read his book The Russia Hoax… I’m going through it a 2nd time… lots of info and you can’t get it all the first time (or I can’t anyhow)


I hear people are coming out of the woodwork to donate ribs and internal organs to her… anything to keep here going for 6 more years…


More Pelosi please. She’s great for the GOP.


they should burn Lenin’s body or drop it off in Siberia and let the polar bears enjoy dinner.


Oh no. He was “one of the majority” (which is what “Bolshevik” means). Just like Democrats say that the word democracy and Democrat share the same root… “demos” which is Greek for “the people”. Yep. Lenin was just one and the same as the “the people”… the majority. Donchaknow.



that is unbelievable!

um… Ms Milano… hello! You might DIE if you did that… shocking news, i know, but…

well, our Lord did say No greater love has a man

than to lay down his life for a friend

Those poor tortured unborn babies could use a friend, Ms Milano

Scott Roeder!

i need to do a thread on him… interesting person, one of the few who really understands that abortion involves killing a child…


wearebreitbart (an Instagram account) is occasionally a clone of The Onion which publishes outlandishly ridiculous parodies in hopes that a sufficient number of idiots will find them entertaining and anxiously await their next issue of tripe.


Every couple of years, I believe they restuff Lenin. It would be great if Lenin were put up for auction on eBay.


Oh yeah. Really. Can you imagine !


It would be great to burn Lenin’s body or give it the polar bears for them to eat.


Life is about choices. People like her revel in the spotlight. It’s why she didn’t retire when Obama was elected.


i dont get why she would do that?


…so she could be in the spotlight until Hillary’s coronation…which was thwarted by Donald Trump’s entry from stage right.


I don’t see how anyone can have sympathy for someone who passes laws to kill unborn children. The sooner she’s gone the better…


Gowdy is better as AG.


RBG can die either now or within the next year with the slightly larger senate majority. I’m sure dems are upset that they failed in the midterms and won’t be able to block a nominee in January.


Anyone who is nominated in the next go round will have to have a hide tougher than a rhino and be aware that they will be totally destroyed.

Gowdy has been thru this mill over and over. Weather he wants it bad enough to withstand what will come his was is another story.

Whatever he decides I want to thank him personally for being one of the great Americans in our history.


What an idiot. The chances of her being a match are slim to none and she knows it.

It would be a hoot though if RBG said, sure I will take you up on that.