Sam Adams Writes James Warren


The following day, Samuel’s cousin, John Adams, wrote Warren’s wife, Mercy Otis Warren, and inquired if she would prefer an American Monarchy or Republic. While John declared his own preference for a republic, he wished it only if We must erect an independent Government in America, which you know is utterly against my Inclination. Read the rest at:


Adams remained concerned that, there is so much Rascallity, so much Venality and Corruption, so much Avarice and Ambition, such a Rage for Profit and Commerce among all Ranks and Degrees of Men even in America, that I sometimes doubt whether there is public Virtue enough to Support a Republic

Colonial America in January of 1776 doesn’t sound all that different from the United States of America in January of 2018. Instead of a monarchy, most of the elites and their loyalists want to install a socialist style central government instead of a monarchy. Scary stuff.