San Francisco Bay Area Experiences Mass Exodus Of Residents


SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – The number of people packing up and moving out of the Bay Area just hit its highest level in more than a decade.

Carole Dabak spent 40 years living in San Jose and now she’s part of the mass exodus that is showing no signs of slowing down.

The retired engineer’s packing up and calling it quits about to move to the state of Tennessee.

“I loved it here when I first got here. I really loved it here. But it’s just not the same,” Dabak said.

Of course people come and go from the Bay Area all the time, but for the first time in a long time, more people are leaving the Bay Area than are coming in. And the number one place in the country for out-migration is now, right here.

Russell Hancock with Joint Venture Silicon Valley said, “Silicon Valley has been this place that is growing. And it was mostly due to people relocating here and relocating from other parts of the world. That’s changing.”

Joint Venture Silicon Valley’s own study of the out-migration says workers are moving to Sacramento, Austin, and Portland due to a number of factors. But topping the list is the high cost of housing.

“You can’t even contemplate getting into the housing market here,” Hancock said. “And I don’t mean just service workers, but highly skilled professionals. The tech elite are having a hard time affording reasonable housing in Silicon Valley. That makes it difficult for employers to recruit.”

Operators of a San Jose U-Haul business say one of their biggest problems is getting its rental moving vans back because so many are on a one-way ticket out of town.

Dabak cites crowding, crime and politics as the reasons for her own exodus.

“We don’t like it here anymore. You know, we don’t like this sanctuary state status and just the politics,” she said.

She plans to sell her home for about $1 million, buy a much larger place near Nashville for less than half that and retire closer to family and friends.


A plan to house L.A.'s homeless residents could transform parking lots across the city

Guess the businesses the rely on the parking lots for customer will just have to mi=ove with the rest of the population that is able to move.


Does this leave Nincompoop.Nancy.speechless or worried about losing voters.
As a Sanctuary City this should.make TAXPAYER ASSISTED housing available for the Illegals.and.homeless that they love.and have less poop on sidewalks.


Politicians dont even listen to their voters anymore huh.



No kidding, Colorado is over run with Californians as well as illegals.


They may not like it there anymore however they are clueless that their politics which they bring with them are the reason for their not liking it anymore.


"Strange, it doesn’t feel as good to have consecutive taxes on gas and illegals roaming the streets after [x] times deportations, as it feels when i posted my stance on zuckebook. Well, time to move I guess. "


Was it like that before pot?



The left flee their cesspools only to go to another place an begin again.


Nancy’s children ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Boomers are fleeing a sinking ship. Chances are, they voted for every single policy that created this mess, but now they’re bailing out.


Crap, I’d rather have them all contained in one area. Now they’re going to spread their liberal BS to more conservative areas and ruin them like they did Cali.


As the greatest US financial collapse on record manifests later this year there will be more people leaving the high tax blue states and pouring into red states. It’s already starting to happen.


It’s a liberal, California thing.

Hole the ship then bail out and look for a new ship to sink.


Idaho is being flooded by Hispanics right now. And the cucked locals are laying out the red carpet for them.


Thugs from Oakland and Richmond ride the BART over to SF and Walnut Creek to commit crimes - they see wealthy Asians and soy boys as very easy targets.

Remember California was once a solidly Red State - and there are a lot of remnants of that. Problem is, we’ve been overwhelmed with welfare recipients, illegal aliens and leftists that infest Hollywood and the media industry (and fund lefty candidates).

A lot of the exodus - just from what I can see in my own neighborhood - are disgruntled, conservative Whites who are being taxed out of the state - and are sick and tired of paying for California’s dysfunction.

I’d leave too if I didn’t have elderly relatives, parents, siblings, and other family members here.


Southern Idaho is really bad now, all along the corridor there’s little pockets of them, plus in Boise there’s sections of Mestzios, plus gangs are now common there. The American dream has turned to shit.


Colorado, Denver, Boulder, Greeley, Ft. Collins are also over run with Californians.

Brought their gangs with them.


It really is too bad the locusts are not staying in California. No doubt in their new locations they will continue to support the same asinine policies that turned the Bay area into a shit hole. SJWs can’t help themselves.