Sanders proposes medicare for all


How will he pay for it??
Will everyone be happy paying more for healthcare than they are today?? The supplement plans are a killer.

ST. ALBANS, Vt. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders told a group of seniors that the solution to the country’s health care crisis is to make Medicare available to all, a proposal he plans to introduce shortly after Congress reconvenes in September.

The Vermont independent visited the Franklin County Senior Center in St. Albans on Monday answering questions about health care, social security and President Donald Trump’s budget before heading to an East Fairfield dairy farm to hear from several dairy farmers about the challenges facing the industry, as well their health care concerns.

“Well, we kept the affordable care act alive by the slimmest of margins. Some of us worked very, very hard on that,” said Sanders.

He acknowledged that a “Medicare for all” bill likely won’t pass in the Republican-controlled Congress and with Trump as president. But he said change takes time, and would involve organizing effectively in every state to make it happen.

“If we pass this thing, it’s not going to be tomorrow, it would be the most significant step forward legislatively since I suspect the creation of Social Security in the 1930s. It’s a big deal,” he said.

After meeting with seniors, he told reporters that a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday in which a counter-protester was killed, was “a very, very sad moment in American history.”

The former presidential hopeful said Trump bore some responsibility for giving rise to hate groups by not previously condemning them.

Facing increased pressure, Trump on Monday named and condemned hate groups as “repugnant,” and declared “racism is evil” after his previous remarks about violence on “many sides” prompted criticism. Trump called members of the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and white supremacists who take part in violence “criminals and thugs” in a prepared statement.


We have to start somewhere, because what we have clearly isn’t working… But some like the wolves to be in control of the henhouse, no need to change it…


Hey maybe we can have a national sales tax to pay for it.

10% should do it.


Bernie Sanders’s 2016 proposal would cost $32 trillion over the first decade, requiring an average annual tax increase of $24,000 per household. Vermont in 2014 abandoned its single-payer plans when it was confronted by a required state-tax increase of 160 percent, up to $27,500 per household. New York’s recent attempt at single-payer suffered death by sticker shock. This summer, California’s single-payer plan was rushing toward enactment until the score came in at $400 billion per year, or $26,500 per household. This prompted Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, a Democrat, to abandon the plan because it “does not address many serious issues, such as financing, delivery of care, [or] cost controls” (gee, is that all?). And no, the family savings from no longer paying insurance premiums cannot balance these exorbitant taxes.


So why not adopt Medicare for all? Because Medicare’s survival depends on providers overcharging private-insurance customers in order to recoup their losses from Medicare’s below-cost reimbursements. Medicare’s annual payment errors total $60 billion (so much for its supposed efficiency). And even though Medicare tries to save money through member premiums, co-pays, and deductibles as well as through low provider payments and coverage gaps that make Medigap policies necessary, it is still heading toward bankruptcy, with a projected $33 trillion shortfall over the next 75 years.


I’m always amazed by how some people can speak for everyone.

p.s. My healthcare is great and I have had no problems in the past or present.


I am lucky in that respect. I will have healthcare no matter what. Some forget that we all end up paying in the long run anyways. When they don’t get preventative care, they just end up at the emergency room costing us all 10x more…
I don’t seem to be effected by any of it… So lets just do away with medicade, and Obamacare. IF you can’t afford healthcare, then get a better job or go lay in the streets and die like the poor dog you are…


You are a progressive as that is the typical over reaction that is widely expected.

When did America change where people were responsible for themselves and their family instead of the govrnment? People would never take a handout from the government yet 47 million son’t have a second thought today. Billions are spent on free cell phones and people have no second thought at all. People making up to 4x poverty, 80K a year + have no problem taking a subsidy for insurance (handout) from the government.

60% of Americans get something from the Federal Government from SS to SNAP to ACA subsidies. What a pathetic bunch pf people Americans have become.


What a pathetic crap of a crony capitalistic country we have is correct. Making slaves out of the people by paying them peanuts. Shipping jobs away and leaving a mess behind.
Now we have all these people in destitute. If the companies and corporations don’t want to make the jobs to make America prosper, then what is one to do but lean on the goverment.
But I guess you will just say that 60% of Americans are lazy and want a hand out. Even though many are working now…


Specifically, what do you attribute this condition… this state of affairs to?


You can thank your government for this.

Your past administrations allowed open borders flooding our labor market with cheap labor stagnating wages. The 10’s of millions continue to suppress wages.

Shipping jobs overseas, yes a factor of our government but also attributed to you and all Americans as they love cheap imports.

Imagine the impact is everyone in America demanded made in America from American companies not foreign companies.

And there is the problem, instead of Americans moving ahead they are content to take a handout from mommy government.


From a person experiencing government healthcare, single payer:

People keep talking about single-payer health care and universal health care as if somehow such systems are spontaneously going to save all of humankind from some sort of dreaded mass bodily failure. Guess what? The alarmists are full of crap. It’s nothing but lies. How does Jon know? What possible knowledge could Jon possess about health care? Go ahead. Ask.

Veterans Affairs. It was founded specifically to handle men (and women) who joined the uniformed services of these United States, signed a blank check made payable for an amount up to and including their lives, then to do its very best to fulfill what they raised their right hand and swore an oath to perform, regardless of that cost.

The VA is expected to “to fulfill President Lincoln’s promise “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan” by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s Veterans.” They are expected to do it without regard for race, sex, sexual preference, religious creed, or origin. And they routinely fail—miserably.

Veterans Kill Themselves Over Rationed Care
It’s not hard to find their failures. On May 12, 2015, in Phoenix, Arizona, a veteran seeking help was turned away from the local clinic. He walked out to his truck, turned a gun on himself, and blew his brains out. On 4 May 2016, a young soldier the VA refused to admit for psychiatric help did the exact same thing. On 24 March 2016, a 51-year-old vet in New Jersey tried to obtain help at the local VA clinic, was refused, and did the only thing he felt he had left to do: he doused himself in gasoline in front of the clinic, lit himself on fire, and died.

Within the last two years, we’ve seen reports of vets who threw themselves out the upper windows of VA hospitals because some moronic bureaucrat decided these men were “all better now and didn’t need or deserve further help.” The bureaucrats wouldn’t listen, and these people felt they had nowhere else to go.

We talk about the 22 veterans a day who are said to commit suicide. That’s what it looks like! There’s a reason for line about having “A second chance to die for your country.” Even among non-lethal events, it’s enough to make me unhappy. We have ancient men, well into their 70s, who spend hours waiting on needed medication at VA facilities and wind up sleeping on the floor with bags of pill bottles for their pillows. How the h-ll does this happen? Is this the kind of health care Americans really want for everyone?

Single-payer health care is defined as a system in which the government, financed by taxes, covers basic health costs for all residents regardless of income, occupation, or health status. The VA is such a system. Its budget is (FY 2018) $186.5 billion.

The last census I can find, dated May 2014, lists 8.92 million people enrolled in the VA health care system, for which the budget then was $150.7 billion. It includes 350 hospitals and 820 clinics. It really makes you wonder: Why, in the most technologically capable, productive, first-world country on the planet, do we have great-grandfathers who sacrificed for their country sleeping on cold linoleum waiting to see doctors and get real treatment? Why is committing suicide preferable to waiting for help to come?

Welcome to Single-Payer, Folks
I’ll leave you to ponder that while I explain some more facts of life. In addition to medical care, the VA also provides compensation and pension for those who are injured in service. You go in, speak with a veteran services’ officer, present your medical records, file for the injuries (while continuing to lack treatment), and then you wait.

Why wait? What are we waiting for? Good question. First, the electronic paperwork has to move through a labyrinthian process of review, after which you get a letter telling you the VA has now received the paperwork you filed a month or more prior and somebody will be getting in touch with you to determine what’s next. A couple months will pass (if you’re lucky), after which you will receive a phone call telling you that appointments have been scheduled for examination. You must make those appointments or you cannot receive a rating.

Notice what’s missing? If you said a human being to check if this exam is compatible with your schedule, you’d be correct. The appointments are filed without any input or knowledge on your part. You’ve got work and can’t make it? Tough luck, Joe. You’re a single parent and don’t have anybody to watch your kids so you can make your appointment? Too bad. Guess you’ll have to do without.

Nor can you go into a local doctor with forms for them to fill out and mail to the VA. These are third-party contractors the VA has hired as “impartial judges.” They do nothing more than diagnose what’s wrong, and how severe. To limit who can handle these things, the medical reviewer has to be certified by the VA. So we have the people paying your bills deciding whether you need care. Please tell me how that’s supposed to be trustworthy.

After your visit finally occurs, the paperwork is routed to a VA rater, who reviews it and makes a determination about your case. A faceless, unnamed, unelected bureaucrat is supposed to make an intelligent decision about the future and condition of someone he or she has never met, let alone examined. If, for whatever reason, the rater decides this person really doesn’t need or deserve a high rating, the veteran will receive “not service connected” or “0% rating.” And the appeal system if you disagree with that decision is lengthy.

In Los Angeles County, the average time to complete a claim is three years. Not three weeks, not three months, but 36 months. During that time you may or may not be fit to actually work, nor receive the care you need. Now do we start to see why there might be a problem?

War Ruined My Body, and the VA Is Making It Worse

When I came home from Afghanistan, I noticed my hearing was problematic, to the point that unless someone was speaking with sufficient volume, I could not make sense of what he said. But every ear exam came back as “You’re good, LaForce, nothing’s wrong with you.”

This kept happening from November 2011 all the way to December 2016, when I told an audiologist in the St. George Clinic “I ain’t crazy, I can’t hear. Great, you keep giving me the tone tests, I keep passing. But when I’m in a classroom, when I’m at home, when I’m anywhere and awake, the whole of humanity sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown. Unless they are in my face with the volume of Drill Instructor Sergeant Fischer, I cannot understand them! You’re the guy who knows ears and hearing. Figure it out.”

The audiologist called a speech pathologist 360 miles away in Salt Lake City and scheduled an appointment. Two months out was the soonest I could get in to see her. For the record, in the entire state of Utah, there are maybe two speech pathologists directly employed by the VA who work in the Salt Lake City facility.

After undergoing a series of tests and three separate trips to SLC, the pathologist finally figured out what so many had missed: I had a traumatic brain injury. Somewhere along the way, I had gained one sufficient to scramble the nerves between my ear and brain so I could no longer properly process what I heard at a certain volume level. It’s so bad that on the bell curve, I’m in the 61st percentile, and show signs of gradually getting worse.

The diagnosis occurred in April. I amended a claim filed in February to include it. Take a guess what we learned in July, three months later: according to my paperwork, the VA rater only bothered to check my medical record in February when the original claim was filed, then stopped.

I’m Still Waiting to Get Care, Four Years Later
Today, I received information that somehow, an injury that has plagued me since boot camp on through my time in the fleet and since somehow magically improved in February. I will now have to file an appeal for this. Meanwhile, I still cannot work a regular job. No sitting for long period, no standing for long periods. No lifting over 20 pounds. No squats. Nothing. I have to be flat on my back in order to not feel pain, and even that can only last so long. When your wife and two toddlers become ill, they either suffer, or you choke down Motrin and stumble around doing what you can to help ease their problems.

I have to be flat on my back in order to not feel pain, and even that can only last so long.
What about physical therapy? The VA only authorizes six appointments at a stretch, after which the physical therapist has to call and get more appointments authorized. That will happen only if the VA ever bothers to pick up the phone and call them back. I’ve been waiting since February for that, and I have my doubts. Not that the VA cares. You had physical therapy! You must be better now!

Show me how six appointments over three weeks is magically supposed to make years of damage disappear. I had to leave the service over these injuries. I still can’t run, four years after having left active duty and no longer pounding my body into submission to maintain good physical condition. I was running as much as 66 miles per week, most of it on my own time, to stay in good shape. If you held a gun to my head now, I could maybe do a quarter-mile before my back gave out on me, and then I’d tell you to pull the trigger.

Because the VA controls the means of communication, because there is no means of accountability over decision making, and we veterans are forced to undergo this in silence for fear of retaliation, it continues. I have no means of recourse beyond what I’ve outlined. It is frustration and aggravation to the extreme. But we’re supposed to just live with it. Hooray for single-payer.

Nobody Wants More Of This, Trust Me
To some degree, I do just endure it. I get good care at my local VA clinic, and the doctor has done what he can for me. I endure because the compensation and pension I receive is enough to keep my family off the street. But something has got to change. A man cannot live on pain pills alone. Either cure him or kill him, because hanging out in limbo is not living. It is simply suffering. And that ain’t right.

In a better world, the VA would operate fewer hospitals and spend the bulk of its slimmed-down budget enabling veterans to seek private care through vouchers or a similar system, and there would be no trouble getting those vouchers accepted because the VA paid on time (if you think that isn’t a problem, you’re nuts). I could go to my local, private hospital here in St. George if I needed surgery, seek out and obtain physical therapy from a trained private professional, create a plan that addresses my issues, and through several months of sound medical care become sufficiently well that I no longer received VA compensation for it.

Either cure him or kill him, because hanging out in limbo is not living. It is simply suffering. And that ain’t right.
Why? Because I was healed. Made whole. Not drugged up to the gills and screwed over. In a better world, I’d be pursuing a commission from the Marines upon my graduation from college with a bachelor’s. I would be able to work a full-time job right now that took care of my family so we weren’t living month-to-month.

When all we are is a rising cost to be pruned by bureaucrats, those who control the system will be our overlords. Go take a look at how many times VA personnel were charged for misconduct and misbehavior, then let off without reprimand, or worse promoted to a new billet in a different region to cover up the misconduct!

Whistleblowers charge Sen. Tammy Duckworth, a former assistant secretary at the VA, tried to retaliate against them for going public with veteran abuse. We’ve seen more people fired from the VA, or placed on suspension pending review and firing, since Inauguration Day 2017 than we have in the prior eight years of the Obama administration combined.

If you want long waits, even inside the doctor’s office, months before actually seeing a doctor about pressing issues, if you want faceless bureaucrats determining your life, if you truly in your heart of hearts think that somehow this is healthy and good, you go right on ahead. If you want to see more babies wind up like Charlie Gard, you go right on ahead and do that damnably awful thing.

I want a better world. But the only way I can have that is to make it for myself. Because the system is failing those who need it. And I’m tired of suffering. I’m tired of the pain. My wife needs better. My children deserve better. The American people deserve better.