Sanders Takes on Pharma Greed With Rule Aimed at Ending 'Price Gouging'


In a move characterized as an effort to prevent large pharmaceutical companies from “goug[ing] American consumers after taking billions in taxpayer money,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Monday introduced a new rule that would require drugmakers to agree to set reasonable prices before being granted exclusive rights to produce vaccines and other life-saving drugs.


I do have some issues with the high cost of prescription medications that seem to be arbitrarily raised. But, aren’t price controls (bad) typically reserved for war time and during periods of aggressive inflation. I’m not an expert on price controls but I think the last time we did that was during the Nixon administration.


Too little too late ! The dems did us in ask Reid .

PhRMA is the largest single-industry lobbying group in the nation. According to reports, Harry Reid negotiated with government officials to make sure all existing drug industry favors would remain intact in any proposed health care legislation.
a perfect example of this is the dishonorable legacy of Nevada Senator and U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. Reid was recently exposed for accepting large sums of money from Big Pharma in order to craft and guide the recently-passed health care bill in Big Pharma’s favor.


Of course it was a SWEET deal…
They made Billions off the first year.
People don’t realize that it was a graduated deal. The Insurance compaines would get less money in the later years, because they would have developed the infrastucture by then. Which SHOULD have reduced costs tremendously.
So now that they are at the end of that graduating scale, the Insurance Companies are yelling bad deal.
Please, it was nothing more then a money grab…The ACA was/is a Fascist law, Hitler would have cringed :slight_smile:


Well of course he would have… he would have shot the insurance guy in the head and then turned to the doctor and said…‘The next one is for you.’


Now maybe the insurance guy, we all know they can’t be trusted.
I seriously doubt Hitler would threaten the doctor. He did well by his people…


The ones who didn’t get shot…


you really are indoctrinated with the “winners” version of History.


The SS had a certain mystic and their ruthless efficiency has never been refuted…