Scared PELOSI on Damage Control – NUNES is a ‘Stooge’ #ReleaseTheMemo


How would you know, you haven’t seen it. Schiff says the same thing of the Republican memo. I’d prefer to see for myself, you should too if you’re objective at all.


Did you not read my other post?


I’ve read them all I believe. Where did you address that?


Trump will release the memo Thursday.

If there is anything in it that could seriously impugn any major government official it will not be revealed. It will look like a thick black line on the document. There is no way that Clinton or Obama would be prosecuted. none.

They cannot risk getting all the masses all riled up all at once. They must maintain the veneer that the government functions just fine and y’all keep on voting and spending those counterfeit fed bucks and owing all the interest on all the debt to the globalists.

However it will be fun to see what’s in it.

Tonight we have the SOTU which should be full laughs and that is good. And then Thursday…the M-E-M-O. Personally I am very excited. This is gonna be a fun week.


Disagree. That memo belongs to me, you, and every single American. It’s our information and our memo. It should not be redacted and it should be released as soon as possible.


Are you referring to both of them, and are you suggesting that national security is a non issue.


Probably and sadly true.


Btw, Melania Trump arrived to the SOTUA in a separate car with her own guests. Guess she’s still smarting over Stormy Daniels. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


She came with a good dozen guests, one of them a child… She left with her husband… your comment sounded like Nancy Pelosi’s face…


Gawd, democrats…


In the case of the FISA Memo, according to people who actually know what they are talking about, OpSec and methods are not compromised by the memo.

National security is a non-issue dug up by Nancy in utter desperation.


February should be a grand month for democrats. Lower payroll withholding rates will be published and the DOJ path to obama-clinton will be established.

DACA Russia DACA Russia DACA Russia,


In a break with longstanding tradition, Melania Trump opted to ride with the guests she invited to share her first lady’s box during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.

So the question, Ride with the president and have her guests ride alone because of tradition or ride with people she invited.

And perhaps she could care less over the Stormy Story.


Which clearly isn’t YOU. Perhaps you’d be better served minding your British business.

So, it’s not a Nancy Pelosi fabrication.

The intelligence community’s concern is that by revealing details of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant process, crucial elements of intel gathering will be revealed, potentially causing foreign intelligence targets to change behavior to avoid surveillance in the future.


Too bad, so sad. The memo belongs to the public. If the FBI is concerned then I think that the FBI should learn to behave themselves and not meddle in the electoral process or spy on US citizens. We tell them what to do, remember?



CNN has become the laughing stock in media.


I think that the resounding uproar that has happened in the last 48 hours from the DOJ, The FBI and the Intel community, given that the memo has been available to congress members to review for 2 weeks is a tad bit over the top… Some people I think, redacted or otherwise do not want the public to know what congress knows… Keeping in mind that most congress members don’t get to read most of the particularly sensitive information except under extraordinary circumstances… like when Obama released the ACA in a private closet…


That’s hilarious considering that it’s the presidents DOJ and FBI, both run by his picks who are warning him.


They are still people and they are still subject to political forces that don’t want it released.


Son, this is twice you’ve tried to dismiss points because of my nationality. What are you, a xenophobe? Grow up.


They are the presidents pick that are telling him the release damages national security and has omissions which cause it to be misleading.