Scared PELOSI on Damage Control – NUNES is a ‘Stooge’ #ReleaseTheMemo


You don’t live in America, you don’t work in America, you don’t pay taxes in America, you don’t vote in America and you don’t therefore have a dog in the hunt. I don’t engage you in your threads for that reason. You were wrong to try and blame Nancy Pelosi for what the presidents own DOJ and FBI are telling him. And calling me son is a weak power play that doesn’t help you either.


How can Intelligence. and Nincompoop Nancy be mentioned.im6 the same breath ??? ?? It must be a good be a lawyer in DC. She is in severe denial about FISA warrants issued based on completely false information illegaly.Is there a statute of limitations on this??? Maybe we’ll have a repeat of Vince Fosters “Suicide” where someone shoots themselves at one place and walks to a riverbank and dies


Well, the reporter that broke the Iran Contra story was found dead in his apartment, shot in the head…twice, and IT was ruled a suicide. Again and again this is what my partisan fellow Americans get for giving one president a pass while screaming foul on another.


Well,if Nunez is a stooge, then the Dems are the Keystone Kops.


In the dark after midnight when no one was present.


Freedom why do you keep bringing the democrats into this. This is republicans that are objecting to the president releasing the Nunes memo. Trumps people are running the DOJ, FBI and DNI. They all are republicans and they are the ones telling the president that the Nunes memo containes omissions of fact that cause it to be misleading and that it would reveal to our enemies intelligence collecting methods. You cannot call this a big democrat conspiracy to get the president. It’s REPUBLICANS!!!


The Dems don’t want the voters to see how low they will go to elect a Criminal as President.What they will do illegally with DNC money to tilt the election in their favor.They would have smeared Jesus Christ or the Pope if they ran against the Wicked Witch of The West.The average Democratic voter should be appalled at this type of Treasonous Behaviour.
Yes, the Repubs have skeletons too. Watergate and the Wepons of Mass Destruction excuse to go into Iraq to name just two. This makes Watergate look like fixing a parking ticket.So let the Dems take their lumps instead of being self-righteous.


Only a handful of lawmakers had seen intelligence backing up a controversial memo spearheaded by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) when the panel voted on Monday to release it - FRUSTRATING DEMOCRATS as well as the Justice Department.


The Intelligence panel on Monday voted down several Democratic measures, including an effort to publicly release a counter-memo rebutting the claims in the Nunes memo. They voted to make that document available to the entire House, as the Nunes memo was several weeks ago.

Committee Republicans also voted down a measure from Schiff that would have delayed the publication of the Nunes memo until the Department of Justice had briefed House members on the implications of exposing it.

“The Department of Justice and the FBI have been under investigation by this committee for many, many months for FISA abuse and other matters,” Nunes said on Monday. “That investigation continues. And I would urge my colleagues to vote no, we are not going to be briefed by people that are under investigation by this committee.”


The president was caught on a hot mic last night saying that absolutely 100% I’m releasing the memo, and HE HADNT EVEN READ IT!!!


The government works for us, we should not tolerate its treating us as children. When raw intelligence data is capable of differing interpretations and is relevant to a public dispute about, for example, whether the NSA and the FBI are trustworthy, whether FISA should even exist, whether spying on everyone all the time keeps us safe and whether the Constitution even permits this the raw data should be released to the American public.
If it implicates the FBI, so be it, it will be time to prosecuted, fire people. The same applies to the NSA.

It’s not a left or right, democrat or republican issue but an issue that may bring clarity to this fiasco.


And now Adam Schiff says that after the committee voted to release the memo, that Nunes made material changes to the memo before giving it to the White House!!! Meaning that the White House doesn’t have the memo that the committee voted to release to them.


Louman,Great post and I agree with you.The raw data should be released and let the chips fall where they.may. These organizations work for all Americans and we are entitled to full disclosure of their actions legal or illegal.
.We should hope if they invoke National Security ,its for a good reason.Let the Dems have egg on their face.
Again, great post Louman one of your best. I hope others see what rational intelligent discussions are like whether we agree or disagree.


If, IF the memo revealed wrong doing, this is republicans that are opposing its release, again, why do you continue to point at Dems??


And once again, the raw data isn’t what’s being released. It’s a summary of the raw data, cherry picked with material omissions designed to mislead, and, it’s not (according to Adam Schiff) even the same memo that the committee voted to release. Also, the republicans want to get their spin out there, but refuse the release of a minority view. Speaking of dishonesty. Republicans are imploding over fear of what Mueller is going to reveal to us all on Trump!!!


Hell… and all this time I thought they were none partisan… least wise thats what we heard about Lynch, Hold, Comey… and yes even Mueller. Shrug… Ever think that they are less about partisanship and more about covering the asses of their life long friends… I am sure everyone would have had a hissy fit if Trump had appointed Sheriff David Clark as Americas Top Cop…

If you can fathom a deep divide in Washington over political partisanship, I’m sure you have the ability to imagine a ‘good old boys club’ of people who operate without regard to the concerns, needs or wishes of the people of the United States Of America…


You don’t know that and you have no basis for making that claim.

Please… the ‘Minority View’ has been leaked to every paper in the country for the last 2 years…


A couple of us on here use to frequent another forum with an old fella from Australia, since deceased, would have made you feel like a first grader with respect to US history, the Constitution. He actually debated issues and I found myself actually adjusting my positions because of his insight and actual engagement. Do not discount the perspective of people who actual study the United States… for some it is still the beacon on the hill… warts and all… and please… please… do not praise yourself for your ability to engage…


Attn: Moron. This is my article and ‘my thread’. Again, you pull that line. Sad! :joy: