Scared PELOSI on Damage Control – NUNES is a ‘Stooge’ #ReleaseTheMemo


Did anyone tell those dopes the charade is the Mueller sham ! :roll_eyes:


It’s called damage control.


Nunes is following the law as far as dealing with classified information; the memo has some classified information in it, but they are getting Trump to declassify it, which then makes it legal to release it. Of course, if it was a Democratic president declassifying information the Republicans would be livid, but that’s not a surprise. Schiff’s memo still contains the classified information (it has to in order to debunk the Nunez BS memo), so it also has to be declassified. If Schiff releases any of that he breaks the law…and the point of this entire exercise is the Republicans are messing with declassifying intelligence for a political purpose, so Schiff releasing his memo undermines the argument that the Republicans are doing bad things.

The memo itself will likely end up being a load of crap, and at least some of it will be shown to be crap without anything else. The intelligence community is going to be furious about the episode, so I suspect they will leak a few things out to point out the errors (and embarrass Trump and Nunes), but only things that are relatively safe to let out. It’s really going to be up to the media to show how craven this is, and how it’s also a pack of lies.


Oh yes… you are right… we really… really want to know about those classified E-mails that were supposedly declassified by Obama… We want to know how Hillarys miss E-mails wound up on the disk drive of a convicted pedophile… Some of them were classified… we would like to know when or if they were even declassified…

Presidents to this sort of thing as a matter of routing… it is the objective that can get peoples curiosity up. Like could his actions have held a political purpose… you know, like the actions of he IRS.


Seems to me the Democrats and other individuals and institutions would be able to discredit the memo in broad terms using publicly available info. For instance, I’ve heard it mentioned several times on my TV that Carter Page was first interviewed by the FBI in 2013! The FBI believed he was a recruiting target of Russian spies, one of which was tried and found guilty. (The other two fled, I believe)

So, if their big scoop is to claim the FISA application relied on the Steele Dossier,. it’s easy to prove that’s not the case. I suppose they’ve done a bit of creative cutting and pasting, like when movie reviews isolate “Terrific” from “Terrific waste of time”–that kind of thing.


I’ve said enough times, the ONLY people that the Intelligence Committee have to embarrassed is themselves and the President… If they are that stupid they let the flogging begin… but if they are not … let the flogging begin.


The Dems wouldn’t need to de-classifiy anything. They just leak it.


It’s quite amusing when the Dossier has been proven to be fake.

FBI Used News Articled Sourced By Steele To Corroborate His Dossier

The FBI Knew Steele Was Being Paid By DNC, Hillary Clinton, Chose Not To Tell The Court

Without The Steele Dossier, FBI Wouldn’t Have Sought the Warrant To Spy On Carter Page

FBI Spied On Trump’s Associate For Nearly a Year

FBI Dismissed Steele As a Source Soon After It Secured The Initial FISA Warrant

FBI Did Not Tell The Court It Had Dismissed Steele

DOJ Official’s Wife Was Getting Paid By Fusion GPS

Seems you missed a few somewhat important points.

p.s. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a special prosecutor.


Amazing to me Lou that all these leftest trolls were on here last night.

Not one of them back tonight. I guess they are reformulating their message for the Sunday broadcast propaganda dog and pony shows.


Waiting for the democrat response which is sure to be fabrication.

If they do release speculation, lies the people I suspect will react poorly to their subterfuge.

After a day of reading, I suspect there is yet more we will learn about this little game and the real players or will some fall on the sword to save their hero.


Just the usual leftist here claiming there’s nothing here to see, just move on.

I’m amazed at how people refuse to look closer and then question what more is out there.


There first and immediate job is to destroy any comments supportive of the memo that are generated on the likes of the Daily Kos… or Salon… They no doubt have regular commentary on the NYTimes and WashPo comment sections…

They will be back around when the talking heads finally give them a few talking points however feeble…


The upcoming circular fake news cycle will be a work of art that’s for sure. Richard Nixon must be smiling up from his grave.


The President or any President for that mater has a limited choice when selecting directors or deputy directors . These guys were all in lock step from before the election working for Hillary’s inauguration ! Then the unthinkable happened and Trump WON leaving these players to cover their collective asses !
The Truth will set us Free !


As Hillary would say, What Does It Matter!!!


“What Does It Matter”!!!
It was just time and sitting where she was she had plenty of time . Christopher Stevens , Sean Smith , Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. not so much .


That was meant as sarcastic humor