School shooting that injured four students now believed unintentional


A 12-year-old girl was booked on suspicion of negligent discharge of a firearm Thursday after a shooting at Sal Castro Middle School left four students injured, authorities said.

Los Angeles police do not believe that the shooting was intentional, spokesman Josh Rubenstein said Thursday evening.

“At this time, the information suggests that this was an isolated incident, involving the negligent discharge of a firearm, where innocent children and a staff member were unfortunately injured,” the LAPD said in a statement.

The girl was taken to Los Angeles County’s Central Juvenile Hall.

The gunfire erupted in a classroom at the school in the Westlake neighborhood shortly after the opening bell and caused numerous students to run from the area, according to Los Angeles police Officer Drake Madison.

A semiautomatic handgun was recovered from the scene.

At least one student who was in the classroom told a reporter he thought the gunfire was unintentional.

“​​​Someone decided to bring a gun, I guess someone was accidentally playing around with it,” said Benjamin, a 12-year-old seventh-grader, whose guardian asked that his last name not be used. “They thought it was a fake gun.”

When authorities responded around 8:55 a.m., they found a 15-year-old boy with a gunshot wound to the head, a 15-year-old girl shot in the wrist and three others with minor injuries.

Parents and nearby residents offered mixed views about campus safety. Some said bullying was an issue at Sal Castro, while others said gangs in the neighborhood are more of a concern. One mother said she wanted more security at the school.

Gonzalez said the area around the school can be dangerous at times.

“There’s a lot of gangs around the school and you do see them,” she said. “You see them fighting sometimes.”

The enrollment is 92% Latino, and most students are from low-income families.

On TV, news anchors have been saying that the guns “Accidentally discharged while being in her backpack”.


Sooo… the nature of education and experience in this neighborhood is that the person ‘thought’ the gun wasn’t real… meh… Ok, I can go with that… I once owned a Beretta replica pellet gun that had the same weight and balance of a real one … But I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it took more than one discharge to figure out that it was something more than a really loud popgun…


The media is spinning it as an “accidental discharge”, the same defense used during the Kate Stainle trial. I solely suspect that such spin is bc of the perpetrator’s race, and the school being in a California’s impoverished city where gang violence has been mentioned multiple times in the articles by students and parents of the school, only to have the school officials denying it. If the perpetrator was white, however …

And also, the perpetrator purposely brought a gun to school and hid it inside her backpack, so there are intention, no doubt.

But then again you have this “no lackin challenge” being circulated around the net, and the culture and music that perpetuate gangster life style


She was trying to shoot the sealions.


Oh Boy. So she went to school that day and the gun flew into her backpack, emerging with hostile intent. She grabbed the gun to subdue it and in a rage, the gun went full auto, shooting one person in the temple, another in a wrist, and spraying bullets around.

Totally an accident.

If the shooter was White, would they make this excuse?


Like blacks, hispanics are always worried about being “disrespected” and hispanic girls are usually hot tempered little whores who crank out kids left right and center with multiple baby daddies then go on Section 8 housing. Someone probably said something to her that got under her skin and rather than simply make a loud and harmless scene, this one got violent.


But…it was a horrible accident. It’s a very complex case. The news told me so.


The backpack was white.


I know you were being sarcastic Ty but this is a complex case and it WAS a horrible accident. Things like this wouldn’t happen if guns weren’t so accessible to children.


Things like this wouldn’t happen if parents were responsible to their children. Fify


This was no Horrible accident. It might have been the actions of a very misguided young person… but discharging a handgun more than once, is no accident… and of course having it in her hand was no accident. Someone could have ‘slipped’ it into her backpack but taking it out and pulling the trigger mulitple times does not count as an ‘accident’.


I guess the defense will be there wasn’t any criminal intent and she didn’t actually posess the handgun like Kate Steinles Killer.


Well that was insightful.


I thought you were wasting your time with entitled black athletes? Why don’t you post something of value and related to the thread? Why not talk about the double standard a Hispanic female school shooter gets.


Yeah…I don’t like double standards. I think we should go ahead and outlaw them.


You two can start your own thread for that. Off topic.


Why does the liberal media feel the need to offer a pass to minorities ?


Because they defend them against the Racist Repubs.


I’ll believe that was a sarcastic comment… No?


Of course Repubs are racist. The President offers 1.8 millions amnesty for illigal daca, just so they can be legally oppressed with the rule of laws.