Schumer Shutdown: Democrats Vote for Illegal Immigrants Over Americans



Or he has an inordinate amount of opposition making him less viable than he otherwise would be… Hopefully congress will press forward and put some of these people in jail and highlight the entire corrupt nature of the democratic party and their syncopates in the the rest of government…


America and the world knows that Trump owns the shutdown. Oh, and Trump is already ON RECORD SAYING THAT SHUTDOWNS HAPPEN WHEN THE PRESIDENT IS DOING A BAD JOB. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Forty-eight percent of those surveyed said they’ll blame the president and the GOP if a shutdown could not be averted by the deadline midnight Friday, while only 28 percent said they’ll fault the Democrats. Eighteen percent of voters said they’ll blame the White House, Republicans and Democrats equally.


Citation… just so I can read the detail myself…


Here’s a pole you have to trust… I mean its CNN…


Republicans voted to shut down government. Mitch FAILED to get even 51 votes. And again. Trump is learning the dangers of throwing stones when someone else is in office. During the 2013 shutdown Trump told Fox News that a government shutdown is the result of a bad president.

So, Trump’s A BAD PRESIDENT :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


This of course wasn’t about the budget… it was about DACA. DACA is everything to the democratic party… with out it, they are irrelevant. This is a hail-Mary that will land short of the kneeling receiver.


Trump says government shutdowns are the fault of bad presidents. TRUMPS A BAD PRESIDENT, in his own words.



LOL a 22 second cherry picked clip from the ROTFLMAO not so independent leftist web site.

Who would have thought???

A clip from interviews that are 22 seconds are even below you in your endeavor to hate more.

All of Shepard Smiths videos below, it isn’t there and clearly out of context.

You earn yourself a flag for fake posting of fake information.


Trump says, government shutdowns are the fault of a bad president!!!

Trump is a bad president


Could you show the article or video that states that?


What about the republicans that voted to shut down government.


I really wouldn’t post links from the Independent and expect to be taken seriously. They’re the UK’s version of Slate at this point. Shame, when they were in print they were an ok newspaper.


Yep, a 22 second sound but taken from an interview take totally out of context.

News for the left.


I wouldn’t say it’s even such a leftist tactic, what is impressive is how Democrats are so keen to talk about anything but DACA now


The leadership of the Dem party realize thy need a wedge issue for the election this year. What’s better than DACA. I suspect they will shutdown the government then do a CR until summer when it heats up.
I think you will see Dem leadership seek a delay from he March deadline seeking a comprehensive (LOL) reform package.


You’ll take me as seriously as I’ll take you.


Nobody wants to talk about the republicans share of responsibility by not even being able to get all of them on board to keep the government open. And, nobody wants to touch the FACT that the TIC told us that it’s the presidents fault when government shuts down. Easy to say that when Obama was the president. I wonder if he’d like some BBQ sauce for that crow.


I’ll talk about it. Republicans who made a ‘bipartisan deal’ with Chuckie the Rat, essentially folded and gave Schumer everything he demanded. Trump would not abide by continuing chain migration and the visa lottery. There, that’s the republican role.

On another point- when even CNN’s famously skewed polling indicates more people blame the Dems for this, it is far more indicative than 20 seconds of Shepard Smith asking the rhetorical question Jim Acosta was publicly humiliated (by Mulvaney) for asking. “Control” of the Senate by one vote is only control on matters where a simple majority rules. You know it, Acosta knows it, and yes, Shepard Smith knows it.

Imagine if the CNN poll asked: “Do you believe that Chuck Schumer cares more about DACA than you and your family?” That would bring an interesting result.