Schumer Shutdown: Democrats Vote for Illegal Immigrants Over Americans


Me: writes sourced article with logic and grace
You: Herp derp lookit this old video


Bullshit. The Democrats had time on DACA. The only Republicans that share responsibility are the RINOs who voted with the Democrats.


Why do you think he reads it… why do you think he references it?


Give it a rest… It was Obama’s shutdown, he refused to work with republicans over the ACA >> A Budget Issue << and dems wanting to insert a non budget issue into the budget… chalk and cheese. Democrats own this… they know it and it is precisely why they aren’t breathing a word about DACA today…


I know you hang off of Bloomberg, NYTimes and the AP… so have a cup and enjoy…


Last night every article that I saw about the shutdown said the Democrats caused it. These were all MSM sources. Today it looks like they are trying to shift blame around but at least the live reporting was accurate. The Democrats forced the shutdown.


The wheels take a little time to ‘spin’


The Dems have to take responsibility for this impass. It was made clear that the budget would be passed first, then immigration would be passed by March 5th. Not to hard to understand !!! But the Democrats have their underwear on too tight!!!


I thing they are beginning to see the error in their ways the way they keep trying to spin the Schumer Shutdown .
Everyone understands that if we have fifty dollars and the bill is sixty dollars we are in deep shit !


This is a spending bill ! The majority of the GOP voted for the spending bill . The Schumer Shutdown is owned by Chuckle and his gang who put 800000 illegal aliens in front of the well being 360 million American citizens !


They aren’t wound up… they understand the need for this voting block. Far to many people in this country are waking to their games. This amnesty is no different than the last except it is the one that will break the bank so’s to speak. They aren’t interested in the 600K of DACA, they are after the entire 20 million… and just like 1986, if they can put the amnesty before the security, the security will never happen. They had to try this stunt… an open debate on DACA is far to dangerous to their long term success as a party…


Oh gee, federal government shutdown. Does that mean the IRS has ceased/shut down? Hmm.

Oh yeah, that’s what I thought…


Yep. Nothing like a federal government shutdown to make you realize how unimportant the federal government is. Unless you had plans to visit a national park, you probably won’t even notice.


By re-electing Crazy Chuck and Dofus Dicky Durban the “Brain Dead” voters have held the government hostage to these failures in the Senate. I hope they are proud of themselves.
The Democrats failed to do anything when they.were the majority party and now they want to point fingers and refuse to take the blame for their failures.They should never talk again about bipartisanship.


Ironically this means Visas can’t be processed so no one can immigrate to the US during this.


An oversized government is no longer favorable to humanity anymore, the future government has to be broken down into smaller groups for better administration and transparency.

Nations will have to break down into smaller states for better efficiency.


Active duty service members won’t get a paycheck on the 1st, but all the welfare momma’s and freeloaders will. (((They))) always make sure their Democrat voters and political tools get their gibs on time. Priorities…


First of all, you completely ignored the fact that Trump has already declared that a government shut down is the presidents fault. Therefore, by his OWN estimation, he OWNs this shutdown. To your point about the shutdown vote, it’s only meaningful IF McConnell gets all republicans to vote to keep the government open, then he says the republicans did all they could. He fell short didn’t he.


As was expressed earlier, That’s your opinion. But you’re president has already said that government shutdowns are the presidents fault. By his own admission, this is his shutdown he owns it and my sources for that are legitimate, I’ve never taken you seriously or cared enough to read your self agrandizing and lengthy “articles”.

Btw, if you were a credible poster, you would have included republicans in your thread title, as some of them voted against the bill as well. And one other thing that delegitimizes your thread title is that neither republicans or democrats voted “FOR” a shutdown, they voted for or against a bill that they felt either advanced or retarded the interests of their constituencies, but you know that. I think there’s a logical fallacy test kicking around here that you should take.


Right, McConnell couldn’t get all his monkeys to vote, so screw his finger pointing at the democrat monkeys that didn’t vote.