Schumer Shutdown: Democrats Vote for Illegal Immigrants Over Americans


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2. I’m British. I can legitimately say Trump is not my President.
3. Your source is a 22-second video from when Trump was not in politics and was gaming his way towards a successful presidential bid- seems like it worked, being that he won.
4. “I’ve never taken you seriously” (and yet here you are!)
5." or cared enough to read your self agrandizing and lengthy “articles” Dude you’re literally commenting on one right now


Right, McConnell couldn’t get all his monkeys to vote, so screw his finger pointing at the democrat monkeys that didn’t vote.

92% of Senate Republicans voted to KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OPEN.

89.7% of Senate Democrats voted to SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT.


But McConnell didn’t have fifty dollars, he had defectors that he should be blaming.


Oh great, you’re even LESS relevant to me and American politics. Go bitch about Teresa May. :roll_eyes:


Forgive me but do you always speak in such utterly irrelevant ways?


When the government shutdown of 2013 occurred, Donald Trump declared that government shut downs are the fault of a bad president. Shouldn’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house. He owns the shutdown by his own admission.


Yab dab a dab a said the monkey to the chimp ! If this was so important for America to make 8000000 illegal aliens legal why didn’t the dems do it when they had obama in the white house ?


Politics simply, there was probably a political advantage to kicking that can down the road.


Schumer owns this the dems own the Schumer Shutdown is history and it has been written !


What do you have to say about the president claiming that government shutdowns are the fault of a bad president???


We had a very very bad President then we have a very very very good President now !


Never minding the subjectivity of such a comment, or the fact that his General JAR remains in the 30’s. The president said that the congress and the senate is NOT to blame when a government shutdown occurs, but that it’s the presidents fault. By his own standards, the TIC owns the shutdown.


Politics !!!
You are right the crooked despicable dems are playing a game with our nation !
Trying to leverage 8000000 illegal aliens against the security and well being of 360 million American CITIZENS !!!


Do you actually have ANYTHING meaningful to add to the discussion??? I mean this has to be the 3 dozenth time you have made the same statement… I’m not sure if you think we are to thick to read or you are to thick to remember what you wrote in the last paragraph…


As you’ve admitted many times in other threads, BOTH parties are “fucking Americans over”


I think you need to update your statistics…


That was then and this is now ! Our President is not a mind reader so there was no way he could foresee the corruption in the justice department and the willingness of the democrats to put the safety of our nation in harms way for a few illegals !


Lol, oh you’d be quoting Obama had he stuck his foot in his mouth in such fashion. President Trump wanted this shutdown (tweeted it out) gambling that it would be a political benefit to him.


The facts are the Democratics don’t want a DACA fix ! Eight years they had eight years to fix it but didn’t why ?


I don’t know that he wanted it as much as he knew the game that the democrats would play. Not unlike 1986 democrats wanted amnesty first and security second… of course amnesty was instantaneous and the security… well, it never really materialize… but it did create the very situation we have right now and as par for the course, democrats think that playing the poor little DACA kids mime is going to win them sympathy… No, I think Trump know we were headed for a shutdown for two reasons… democrats would insist that DACA be part of the continuing resolution and that Dems would push for an amnesty with no strings and no commitments to security…