Schumer Shutdown: Democrats Vote for Illegal Immigrants Over Americans


I answered that already in a post several back. The president and both parties play politics. The president tweeted out to Americans “what we need is a good government shutdown”!! Yeah I know, we’ve never heard a president utter such absurdities in the past. But we’re talking about the TIC, the FM says the SOS.


And Obama said people could keep thir insurance as he killed millions of insurance policies.

You dual standards beyond pathetic.




You didn’t answer the eight years of Obama as President and NO DACA bill !


Yes, I most certainly did several posts back. The democrats were doing what politicians in both parties do, play politics. There was apparently a political advantage to kicking that can down the street. Stop asking me to repeat myself. And, stop patronizing one party over the other. They ALL do this. If you want something different, DO something different.


Well thank the Lord we have new President in charge of the the home of the free and the land of the brave !
We did something different we elected a free man to the office of President of the United States of America !! “They ALL do this. If you want something different, DO something different.”


Yep, the president informed us that a “good government shutdown is what America needs” so good thing he and Mulvaney are the ones to manage it.

Oh, and speaking of Mulvaney, he too thinks a government shutdown is cool.

He added, “In fact, I found out for the first time last night that the person who technically shuts the government down is me, which is kind of cool.”



Cool just an other word for challenging ! Unlike the Obama shutdown the Schumer shutdown will not see most park services closed we will get our mail along with a lot of the services the Obama administration shackled to bring the most pain and inconvenience to American citizens !


So trump says history charges the president with responsibility for any government shutdowns, HE SAID THAT.

He tweeted out to all of us that in fact what America needs “is a good government shutdown.”

And Mulvaney says it’s “kind of cool” that he’s the one who’s job it is to shutdown the government.



This is of course an interesting comment… I would suggest that it has historically spoke more about the behavior of the Democratic party than republicans unless you can enlighten me. Seems one of the most significant slights of hand would occur somewhere around 1957 when democrats killed the 1957 Civil Rights Act only to take credit for it in 1964… Would seem to me that democrats as a party are far more opportunistic than Republicans… unless as I said above… you could enlighten me… cause, while not a verified comment, the statement attributed to LBJ is telling… something about having a certain segment of the population voting democrat for … well, a whole lot of years… and previous to that he did say something about giving them just enough to keep them on side…


This whole DACA debate and shutdown presumes that DACA is already a law and it isn’t. DACA is an illegal executive order. If Democrats wanted amnesty for illegals they could have done it with Obongo. They failed to act and now must suffer the consequences.


“When the president does it, that means it’s not illegal”.



can you actually engage the conversation or are you skills and understand of the issues so poor that you have to google comments in a cute attempt to avoid having a real discussion…


That’s subjective, the majority of dems might say that of the handful that voted for an unacceptable bill, whereas the five republicans that voted against an unacceptable bill might be considered the ones with courage.


DACA had nothing to do with the budget… simple really… stick to the task… money for governmental operations in one discussion and immigration in another… of course democrats really don’t want to approach a problem head on… phase one… phase two… blah, blah, blah…


Well laying aside the fact that for the most part things are trending the opposite of that, are you an advocate for the disillusionment of the United States??


So like the TIC and Mulvaney you’re an advocate of government shutdown!!!


It is actually a Republican form of government… (States, Counties, municipalities, individuals) Unfortuantely the sovereignty of the State and the individual granted in the constitution mean nothing to those who push tirelessly toward world government…


Didn’t five democrats bring that to the floor, suggesting congressional pay freeze if the government shuts down.

The 27th amendment is in the way of that anyway.


What a moron.

Nice sound bite again.

“To think that this government is going to shut down in the same way that it did in the Obama administration is just wrong,” Mulvaney said, referring to the 2013 government shutdown. And additional statements which is more pertinent.

Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-New Mexico, called Mulvaney’s remarks “sick and twisted” and Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Wisconsin called it a “shameful response by the Trump administration.”

2 people voting against the appropriations bill which was certainly a shameful response from democons in congress.

Have you always been a purveyor of FAKE news and biased cherry picked comments?