Schumer Shutdown: Democrats Vote for Illegal Immigrants Over Americans


Wonder how the base will react to being thrown under the bus for 800K illegals.


Well, the good news is that a bipartisan group of moderate senators (22 I think) have agreed on something. The bad news is that they’ve got to sell it to the rest, meaning they’ve got to bring in the nail hangers on both fringes.


HE SAID get a grip that is not pertinent to the Schumer shutdown !!!


Nope, he owned it when he declared shutdowns are owned by the president and again when he tweeted out that a shutdown would be good for America.


You are like a broken record ! I can understand it sad as you are with nothing better to offer in defense of the undefinable Schumer Shutdown !


That’s the broken record right there. Lindsey Graham fingered the soulless Nazi Miller. But moderate senators are working on it at present.


You must be getting really worked up ? Pulling the Nazis out again . Raciest bigots cant be far behind .


Yes, you realize that he is even an opponent to our legal immigration policy. And if you get a chance just look at him, looks like he’s straight out of the third Reich.


Who is also a devout Jew. Interesting accusation.


Yes I know, very interesting. But Nazi like nevertheless.


Thank God elections have consequences ! Presidents have tried to fix our broken immigration policy for fifty years ! At last we have a man equal to the task !


That we can agree on. Going to see some more in November.


Typical words from an anti-Semitic anti-American racist.


Another flagged personal attack.


Some progress maybe…

(Reuters) - Republican and Democratic leaders of the U.S. Senate held talks on Sunday seeking to break an impasse that has kept the U.S. government shut down for two days, but it was unclear if a deal could be struck to reopen federal agencies by the start of the work week.

The high-level meeting followed discussions among a bipartisan group of moderate senators who said they made progress but offered few details of a possible compromise. The ultimate decision was up to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and his Democratic counterpart, Senator Chuck Schumer, they said.

An emerging deal, kick-started by the meeting of about two dozen Republican and Democratic centrists, appeared to involve reopening the government by Monday morning in return for a promise by majority Republicans to deal with Democrats’ immigration concerns in coming weeks.

“I’m hoping they are going to agree to something soon," Republican Senator Jeff Flake said of the McConnell-Schumer talks. Roy Blunt, a junior member of the Republican Senate leadership, said there was a “chance” of a resolution on Sunday night.


Must be difficult with your panties in a twist for over a year.


Their bluff is getting called. The Democrats are in a position of weakness. People can read and access the internet. These geriatric senators should realize that. We all know DACA was no reason to shut the government down.


The current government shutdown–which impacts, chiefly, members of the military–has largely (and, for the most part, successfully) been blamed upon the Democrats.

There are several reasons for this, I believe.

For one thing, the term, “Schumer Shutdown,” is alliterative; it rolls off the tongue far better than “Trump Shutdown,” or (alternatively) “Republican Shutdown.”

Also, the argument–which is quite persuasive, I believe–that the Democrats care more about illegal aliens than they care about American citizens, strikes a chord with many Americans.

Finally, the center-left media have been more receptive to the GOP this time than during any previous shutdown. The New York Times is a prime example.


I agree entirely. Schumer should have changed his name to Ratley, or similar- goes with his facial features.

The Dems. have a large scale strategy involving illegals.
1.Get the media to refer to ilegal aliens as ‘undocumented’ - far more sympathetic that way -DONE
2. Legalize the DACA 'kids’
3. After the DACA ‘kids’ have brought over their entire extended families as ‘brothers and sisters’ - give them public benes.
4. Legalize, with a general amnestia, legalize all 30 million, and change the law to allow non citizens to vote.
5. Establish de- facto one party rule of the US.


Not really, that’s very subjective.